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  1. Airforce or Navy nurse?

    Currently serving as a reservist so I cannot speak on behalf of AD. However, AF really looks after your well being and considers your family. Our deployments are shorter versus other branches. As nurses, we all do the same job and often wor...
  2. Reserves Use this website to find them. Make sure you search for healthcare professions recruiter because enlisted will likely not help. However, I do know of one but not sure if he covers the Carolinas. I'll PM you h...
  3. Too old?

    For the Air Force Reserve, I believe it's somewhere between 40-45 but I am not 100% sure. Contact either a Guard or Reserve Health Professions Recruiter. The recruiters you see around your city are likely not officer/healthcare recruiters and may lea...
  4. Air Force Nurse Boards October 2019

    I did my oath at the beginning of November and yes, going Reserve. I have my first UTA drill this coming weekend. I will post any info to keep this thread going.
  5. Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    In one word, patience. It took me 2 years to finally get in for the Reserve. It seems a bit discouraging but hang on if it's what you really want. It took me 4 months to get to MEPS, 3-4 months after that for flight physical because I too did not mee...
  6. Air Force Nurse Boards October 2019

    Reserve. Thanks! That wasn't mentioned to me but cool! I was told my paperwork would be sent to the Reserve personnel and from there orders for OTS.
  7. Air Force Nurse Boards October 2019

    Yes I was. I’ve been trying since 2017 and finally got it.
  8. Air Force Nurse Boards October 2019

    Congrats to everyone! I'm selected as a clinical nurse and already got my oath completed. Now waiting for orders. Not sure when that's going to happen.
  9. Air Force Nurse Boards October 2019

    Guys, I found out last week that my package is "gtg" as per my recruiter. This Saturday (11/2) I am doing my oath at my Reserve base as a clinical nurse. I am assuming they have already selected the applicants but have yet to notify them? I started t...
  10. Airforce Reserves Nursing

    I think that depends on what your AFSC is. I am not in the Air Force yet, but from what I understand flight nurses have to go to a flight course in Ohio, I believe. I think the same might apply to CCAT. However, in my case as an FNP I'd go to my rese...
  11. Any regrets becoming a NP?

    Wow. You nailed it, unfortunately. I don't see much value in my work anymore. Like you said, do more and shut up. I'd go back to ER as an RN but I don't know anymore. I too have had depressed moods ever since I started working as an NP. Some days ar...
  12. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    That’s exactly what I read too! Navy recruiter didn’t go much into the detail about that and I haven’t heard from him in over 3 months. Currently waiting to hear about my CV approval, do you know anything about that? Is that part of selection?
  13. Any regrets becoming a NP?

    I have some regrets: 1. I did not work out my math and could have been earning a bit more as an ER RN. 2. I did not think it thoroughly when it came to work/life balance. 3. I did not consider the over saturation of the NP job market. 4. I had zero ...
  14. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    For me they were required as an FNP. For Public Nurse I am not sure if you are required however it’s never a bad idea to get them! “3-5 Letters of Recommendation. Two letters must come from Nurse Direct line supervisors. The supervisor needs to stat...
  15. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    Did MEPS last year since I was trying to process with Navy so I don't have to do it again. It's valid for 2 years. As of Friday I have completely finished my package with LORs, statement of motivation, and that online background questionnaire.
  16. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    The process is lengthy. I have submitted all of my paperwork to AMEDD and waiting for boards which I think could either be July or November. An April vacation would be ok in my opinion, however your recruiter may have better answers. Good luck!
  17. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    Yes I have heard of this happening in the Navy. Not sure if it applies to all branches though.
  18. FY 19 Navy Nursing

    Thanks for that! In 2017 I tried but recruiter kept trying to push me for flight nursing which I ended up being disqualified for. He said that the only FNP slots were for active. I'm trying for Reserve.
  19. FY 19 Navy Nursing

    This is exactly why I'm dropping out of processing with the Navy which makes me sad. I'm processing with Army instead which is offering Special Pay and/or Loan Repayment. I really wanted to join Navy but from the way the recruiter pessimistically ta...
  20. FY 19 Navy Nursing

    Good to hear! I would accept that slot but my recruiter is very unorganized. He said he would call me with more details. I wouldn’t mind going in as Med Surg but don’t want false promises later on if I want to transfer as an FNP. I’m also doing the r...
  21. FY 19 Navy Nursing

    Yes they do. Recruiter called me the day prior and he wants to send my package for Med Surg. I’m an FNP and I don’t think I want to take that...
  22. FY 19 Navy Nursing

    I don’t want to do MEPS again so hopefully whomever works with me will have no issues.
  23. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    Good for you Dustin! I hope you get the position you want! I started my process with the Navy but seems like that’s going nowhere. Air Force already disqualified me due to my height. Army is my third choice in branches but I want to serve already and...
  24. FY 19 Navy Nursing

    WOW what a low blow! What will you do then? Ugh, I’d hate to be in your same position. Getting recommended and then this bit of crappy news.
  25. FY 19 Navy Nursing

    I’d hate to move on from the Navy process but jeez it’s been soooo long and nothing is happening. I haven’t heard anything from my recruiter and I’m getting irritated that I can’t contact him via any platform. One month he told me he needed more FNPs...