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  1. mcpkin

    Xray tech~ more $$$ than RN???

    Where I work new grads start at $20.00/hr, not sure what the xray techs make. Your post reminded me of the SNL skit with Taylor Swift. You have got to see it, it will make you laugh, http://vimeo.com/8270310
  2. mcpkin

    Vacutainers and PICC lines

    WE have vacutainers that screw on to the ten cc syringe. Then I just fill the tubes that way. We have blue color ones for infusaports and red ones for the luer lock 10 cc syringe for picc lines. Works well for me.
  3. I requested a meeting with my Director and the CNO today. I explained my reasons for not wanting those untrue negative statements on my eval. I requested that my eval be done by the other night supervisors. Both of the other supervisors are going to do a peer eval. Everyone knows I work hard, the other charge and one of the night supervisors, were shocked when I told them what she wrote on my eval. I also mentioned that I think that this poor eval is a result of the incident with the other supervisor, ( paper thrown in my face) and told him, the night that happened I wrote it all down in an email to myself so it would be documented. He apparently was unaware of this happening as I only told my director, and that supervisor. He asked me to send him a copy. So I am confident that this will be taken care, the supervisor that gave me the bad eval also declined to attend the meeting, which I requested. (because it is not valid) why else would she not attend. Keeping my chin up, will keep you informed....
  4. The story never ends.....now the supervisor that I went to that night, to report the other supervisor(that threw the staffing at my face) has given me a bad eval. Using words such as lacks ambition, staff thinks assignments are unfair, it not respected by staff. I think she is retaliating due to the other supervisor, which I never pursued. I work hard, I don't smoke-so not a lot of breaks, like some of our smokers get. There are a few nurses that complain always about their assignment no matter what. The weird thing is that she did my eval around the same time as, the previous was happening. Oh she also put not flexible, one night she called me 2 am, I was not on call, not schedule. She asked me if I could come in they were having a bad night, I was there in 30 minutes, how much more flexible could I be. I also come in early for day shift and work 12 hours from the time I get there. They now tell me I have 90 days to improve, with exception the the usual complainers, the staff knows I help them. I even had them talk with another supervisor,and she told them I am a hard worker. I am a working charge with 6-9 pts, same if not more than the other nurses on the floor. My phone rings so many times, it is hard to get my work done. I am thinking if telling them, I will not do charge anymore, not worth working my butt off, and them telling me I don't, for 2.00 more per hour. On a rare occasion they will put in in charge without patients, for both our medsurg floors combined. anywhere from 50-60 pts. I have to walk back and forth constantly, getting calls from all nurses, I need you to look at this, call the dr, start an iv, note orders, which is difficult for 2 floors. btw I am the only charge they put for both floors.
  5. I do 24 hours only, unless the nurse from the previous night did not do one. Then I would go back to the last red signature. We have mostly 8-9 pts at night, no way to go through all the orders.
  6. mcpkin


    I work on a remote Tele med/surg floor. We are standard med/surg with no drips, except renal dosing drips. We are allowed to push Cardizem, Lopressor, or vasotec. We all must have ACLS. The floor I work on is also a Peds floor, and we also have to have Pals..
  7. mcpkin

    Pt Bites Nurse

    I think blood work should have been drawn also. I am not sure why injuries seem to be downplayed. I work on a med/surg floor and we have a room with 4 beds, for confused/combative pt's. and one night I heard yelling coming from the room, and a nurse was standing next to a pt, that was trying to hit her. She was holding his hands down by his side. I told her to let him go and back up away from him, and she did. Well no one told me that along the back side of his leg he had a cane. Long story short, he started using it, and a very good aide, made a very bad decision and went between the bed and the wall to pick up a pillow. He went after her, I could not let him hit her, she is 65, I called a code grey for manpower, but he had the cane above his head swinging at her. I got his attention and got hit 3 times with the cane before help arrived. When I told the supervisor, I already had a lump, red/bruised area on my forearm, and his only comment was "if you report it you have to take a drug test" I told him I dont care what I have to do, I want it reported and I have to go to er, just to be on the safe side. It also hurt really bad. I was made to wait until morning to er, at least 2-3 hrs. I also told the manager that we should not have any one with canes in that room, as they are all confused thus the reason for being there, and alot of them combative. since then we have had another code grey, same thing I just turned around and walked out of the room. I let the others take care of this one........
  8. mcpkin

    white scrubs

    I live where there is alot of iron in the water. So I would like to thank the one who decided that we should wear white pants. However Iron out is my new best friend. keeps them sparkling white, well they really dont sparkle, but you know what I mean. lol You can buy it at Walmart in the cleaning section, not where the laundry soap is for some reason.:dance:
  9. mcpkin

    Nurses/patient care/cell phones

    We also carry phones and now have to put our ext. on pt's board for them to call us, as well as use the call light. However since I am also charge you can double or even triple the amount of calls I get. If I am in the middle of something with gloves, I dont answer it either. If you dont put your number on pt's board, you will get written up. Management comes early or stays late and walks around to check...
  10. mcpkin

    Midnight Shift And The Rest Of The World

    I know how you feel, I usually get to work at 1750 until 0725. Sleep from 0830 to 1400, if I have something to do that day. Otherwise I try to sleep until 1500. I also try to schedule appt, when off the night before, however not always possible. I think there are always going to be people who don't understand what it is like to work nights. When my adult children make plans to go shopping or out, they want to leave around 1300, when I say later they say " you've slept all day" love them but they have no idea.
  11. Sorry about the long paragraph, it was late and I was in a hurry. Thanks for all the advice.
  12. I am a Charge nurse on a 34 bed med/surg unit with remote tele. We also take pediatrics on our floor, and usually do not have that many. Sometimes one, on a shift then you wont have a ped for a couple months. The most we usually have is 3-4 peds at anyone given time, but usually less. It is our role as charge to be recorder. However recently I had asked the supervisor if she would make someone else recorder that night, as I did have a ped pt, he wasn't a little one, around 9-10yrs, however he and mom were heavy sleepers, and each time I'd go in to check his IV, he would be all wrapped up in it. So based on that I just asked if someone else could be recorder. The supervisor response was to call me aside and tell me that I always complain about the code team. I realized after that conversation, it is because everyone else just changes it, without asking.. I did talk to my director, and she was going to talk to our CNO. Then last week, I was sitting at a desk, doing the assignment for our shift, when this supervisor is walking towards me. She gets within 2 feet of me a flings the staffing across the desk at me. I asked her "what was that all about" her response was " I think you know what that's about" she then walked back around me, and stopped I asked her "did I deserve that", and she said "no". she then walked out side for about a few minutes then came back in a relieved the tele tech for a break. I am still trying to get the assignment finished, when she says " I am right in assuming that you will be taking the ped" I looked down at the census, and it had not yet been entered into the system from the ER. so I looked up and said " oh I did not even know we had a ped, but yes I'll take the ped. she then starts to say something else, and the day charge starts to say " (calls her by name) were you going to say something. she starts to say then stops, so now I stop what I am doing and ask if she was talking to me, she states well I am trying but cant talk to the back of your head. I just let it go, and went to see the night supervisor, after she left, I told her I wanted to write her up for throwing that paper in my face when she was less than 2 ft from me. The night supervisor tells me she is not going to take sides, I told her that it is wrong to have someone who is supposed to be a supervisor throw things in your face, And that I did not want anyone to take sides, I am just stating the facts, so she tells me, well you guys need to talk to the cno and get this sorted out. I told her I would and that I had witnesses. she tells me well if you have witnesses, than to talk to the cno. about 2130 I get a call from the supervisor that went home, smell something fishy yet, anyway she said, yeah I called (called night supervisor by name) and she told me you were really upset, I told her yes I was, she goes on to tell me "that I would be the last person she would want to upset" whatever that means, and that she had a really bad day with a patient family member and keeps calling him by his first name, like I know who that is. I told her I don't even know who this person is, but that still does not give you a right to throw the staffing in my face. she proceeds to tell me that when she went outside, after she did that, that she just went out and said f*@. she then said "I just wanted to hit the wall or something" I did not know what to say at that point. so jokingly said " I hope it wasn't me". I dont know why she called, I do not think a true apology, due to the fact, she called or maybe was called by the supervisor, because I have witnesses, to what she did and what she said and how she was acting. This supervisor told the other supervisor that I had taken what she did out of context, but with her statements, how else could it be taken, not to say she disrespected me by throwing that at me. Now I have to call my director today to tell her, so we can have some kind of meeting, to get to the bottom of this behavior. I had not seen, called or talked to this supervisor on the night that this happened she just came up. But the paper she threw at me had my name scratched off of recorder, and had another nurse, because there was a late ped admit. I take full pt load and I am charge also. just would like some thoughts..........
  13. mcpkin

    Is it True About Florida?

    I don't think this is true. I haven't heard of any talk, where I work. I do not have a BSN, and I am a Charge Nurse. I don't think very many nurses even have their BSN, where I work. I would like to think that answer would be "not true" since January is right around the corner. They would have to hire alot of agency nurses or close this hospital. Since this is the only hospital for over 50 miles in any direction, I do not see that happening.
  14. mcpkin

    Hospital changes attendance policy

    They told us you either get the seasonal flu shot or wear the mask. From what I am seeing, seems like most have taken the seasonal flu shot. I have seen a few wear mask, one even went on her first night to the supervisors office to get a flu shot because she stated the mask was giving her a rash. The thing that gets me is we were told that we would wear sticker, that stated we were immunized for you protection, thus for those who were given the shot. Then for those that chose they did not want it, the sticker would say, we wear a mask for your protection. In the end they did neither, they put a little silver sticker on our badge, and then put signs up in the halls that goes something like this..... We here at ____ hospital care about your protection, and you see a picture of a yellow surgical mask. it goes on to say that because of Religious beliefs or serious medical issues, everyone can not get the shot.. Why its up there, who knows. But at least where I work, most who did not take or did not want the shot, basically just did not want to be told they had to do this or else. As for my self, I have always taken the flu shot for about ten years or so, I just think it is funny that they would turn something that they are making "us" do into kudos for them. How come they did not just write, some don't want to take the shot, so you will see them wearing mask, if they had to write anything at all. To me would make pts concerned about what is going on with their nurse.
  15. mcpkin

    Hospital changes attendance policy

    I just found this on the CDC website Establish facility access control measures and triage procedures Establish non-punitive policies that encourage or require ill health care personnel workers to stay home. This should include contractors as well as staff. So I guess I was right in saying bad timing on their part. Now I know they need to have something in place, so staff would not abuse calling out. However I don't think anyone would be crying wolf, knowing they will have to miss 7 days of work. Still they should know if they truly have symptoms, they can stay home without, it going against you.