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  1. wow, thanks for chimming in
  2. thanks for the info. do any of you work full time and attend school? How has it worked out for you. also, how long are the programs, 2 year or 4 year to obtain your RN ? Thanks again
  3. Hi all, I am graduating in one month as an LPN here in NY and I am going to be moving to the Northern Charlotte area within a year. What schools should i look at to continue for my RN? I really need some help here. Thanks !
  4. Hello All, I have posted before asking about pay rates in the Charlotte area and many say that as an LPN, I should look to long term care facilities for a higher starting salary. I plan on continuing for my RN, but I am curious if anyone can recommend some good long term care facilities near Charlotte that would be interested in a new LPN grad and hopefully pays well too. I am really hoping to get $17/hr or more starting out. Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ! :redbeathe
  5. thats about what I was hoping for.....somewhere in the high teens to close to $20/hr. I plan on continuing for my RN down there, so hopefully I can inprove my worth to soething more than a long term care facility.
  6. ok great, thanks for the info. How about pay rates in long term care facilities? Any Ideas on what they get paid?
  7. Hi all, I am new here and a soon to be graduating LPN here in NY. My boyfriend and I are planning on moving to NC ( just north of Charlotte ) after I graduate and pass my board test here in NY. I am trying to find out what pay a new LPN can expect near the fast growing Charlotte area. Also, I plan on continuing my education and becoming an RN as well. What is the pay rate for RN's in and around Charlotte. Thanks so much !!
  8. Hello all, I am new to the forum and a soon to be graduated LPN from Long Island, NY. My Boyfriend and I are looking to move to North Carolina ( just north of Charlotte ) after I graduate and take my boards here in NY. However, I am not sure that moving right away is the smartest thing to do. I have a couple of questions that maybe somebody who has been in my shoes can answer. 1. Would it be smarter for me to stay here in NY for 6 months or so and get a little experience before moving or should I just go down there, live with my friend and try to find a position? 2. We have friends around the Charlotte area that say there are new hospitals and medical complexes popping up everywhere down there.....and that jobs should be plentiful. Does anybody know that for fact? 3. What kind of salaries can and LPN expect around the Charlotte area. Also, I plan on getting my RN as soon as possible. What kind of salary can an RN expect around Charlotte, NC ? Any information that can be shared would be greatly appreciated !!!!!!!! Thanks so much, Jacquie :redbeathe