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sunny261 has 25 years experience and specializes in PACU,Geriatrics,ICU.

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  1. sunny261

    Hospital Scrubs

    The 2 place I have worked we wore the same as the OR as sometimes we would go into the OR especially on call
  2. sunny261

    Nursing and tattoos

    I'd have to have my undies off for you to see my hip tattoo...When I worked in PACU and ICU you realize how many ppl have ink now...more than not...
  3. sunny261

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do

    never jump off of your roof onto the trampoline "just to see how high you could go" never try to remove a shotglass up your but with a pair of pliers
  4. sunny261

    Nursing and tattoos

    I have 3 and they are not anywhere that would sag or be seen when I'm dressed for work :) Ankles and right hip......
  5. sunny261

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter Everyone!!! Enjoy the day no matter where u r!!!
  6. sunny261

    Quiet nurse?

    being quiet it allows you to observe more. Quietness is not interchangeable with weak or passive. I agree that it could be a strength
  7. sunny261

    Any Deaf, Hard of hearing Nurses?

    That is so unfair....as a mom of 2 deaf daughters I would be really mad. Good for you in getting an attorney and fighting this.....Good Luck and if you need anything know that there are many supporters here!!!
  8. sunny261

    cry for help

    With the load that you are carrying who wouldn't be tired and cranky? Many, many, many nurses are on anti-depressants. You have a lot on your plate right now. Nothing wrong with asking for help. Your Doc should know this
  9. sunny261


    It takes time...don't worry...also most labs comeback with norms on them that and if critical lab values are found they should be called to the unit. Good Luck!!!
  10. sunny261

    Another Phlebotomy Question

    :icon_hug:Yes it is and if you are in a group of nurses all sarting orientation together you can do what I did when I first started....draw blood and Starting IV's on each other...as far as central lines during orientation you are told about the facilities policy and procedure manuals.....and where they are located-some are all computerized now. Another good resource for nurses is Lippincott nursing manual..most facilities have these as well. Just ask questions and you'll do fine
  11. sunny261

    Being fired...long and weepy

    ctlvr: Nurses are not machines...remember that no-one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes....keep your spirit up and walk proud. :icon_hug:Good luck!
  12. sunny261

    remembering patients

    I never write down the full name perhaps a first and a blip about what made them special to me never anything that could identify them to anyone else but me. It helps to make me smile keep those memories close to my heart. :lvan:
  13. sunny261

    "REAL" nursing

    HeartsOpen Wide: Do not fall into the belief that this is the way REAL nurses work. Just like in other jobs there are good and bad workers. Your are following someone who is sloppy and could potentially lose their license or even worse kill someone. Don't let one crummy one ruin what can be a rewarding career/way of life. She is among the few nurses who are not commited to her profession...good thing I'm not there with her....
  14. I have agree with the other posters. My class was mostly non health care background. Does it help to have some experience? I would have to say yes..imho...you know the market before you go into it. I would say that why invest time and money into something that you find out after your in it that it's not for you? Even if you did like a job shadow just to see what the profession is all about. I had several of my classmates who did great in the program and then decided after they graduated that nursing is not for them. Then what? Go back to school again to start something else? I don't have that kind of time or money...guess I would want to know before I made such a major investment.
  15. sunny261

    I have a question to ask.......

    There is nothing wrong with Med/Surg nursing. I had fun doing it and learned many assesment skills and how to deal with Dr.'s. Taking off orders and charge duties. It actually prepped me for where I went after that. Some of my most happiest memories are of the Med/Surg floor work I did. Sure it can get hectic and pt's can change quickly but I wouldn't have traded it for anything. I went to ICU and PACU after only because I thought if I din't I would probably wonder later in life if I could have done the critical thinking that is needed in these areas...I guess it could be called personal fulfillment. I am perfectly happy with myself as a nurse now. I work as a NM in a rehab/LTC wing. I do many admission asessments and patients can go sour quickly in that enviroment too. I take care of many patients who are recovering from total joint replacements or fractures. don't always listen to stories people say it's just like labor stories everyone has a horror story!
  16. sunny261

    HELP!! Need Training For Re-entry to Hospital

    What about going for a clinic like an urgent care associated with a hospital and start back there? Your not alone in this enviroment and have a NP or PA there usually. If the staff knows ypu want to get back into it most are very helpful. I worked in LTC for years before I went back for my RN. I thought that it would be a good idea to change to acute care when I finally was ready to start the RN nursing program....I made myself sick with anxiety the first day I went to work on the M/S floor. The staff was helpful and I realized shortly that I was freaking myself out with self doubt. I did just fine and I would encourage you to at least try.