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remembering patients


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Every so often I will jot down names of people I took care of that have left an impression on me. Does anyone else do this? I like to go through the journal and look back and remember....


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I just remeber the things they said to me. Some have funny sayings that stuck and some just said that certain something.

I do not have a long memory list since I have not been out of school a year yet. But my biggest impression is of a man who passed 2 weeks ago. He would take a nursery ryhyme and make a twist of it. Most nurses have a different ryhme or story. We giggle over it all the time when sharing what he would say to us.

What was refreshing was that he knew he was dying and would say things like "cross my heart and hope to die" He accepted it and was happy till the end. I was there the night he died, no sad memories just happy ones.

ADDED NOTE: I am taking care of his wife now. What a spitfire!! They must have had fun together.

annaedRN, RN

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I do HH nursing. While I don't write down any names, and the names sometimes fade. The memories do not. I think about the dear souls everytime I drive past a home or a road/drive. Sometimes I even wave if I see them in their yard. They bring a smile to my face:redbeathe


Specializes in PACU,Geriatrics,ICU. Has 25 years experience.

I never write down the full name perhaps a first and a blip about what made them special to me never anything that could identify them to anyone else but me. It helps to make me smile keep those memories close to my heart. :lvan:

Blee O'Myacin, BSN, RN

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There are always going to be patients that I'll never forget, but I don't write anything down and try not to even bring it past the walk from the exit door to my car. I will share an amusing story or two with Mr. O'Myacin, but I work very hard to keep things separate so that I can maintain an identity other than "nurse".

Blee (I'm not the softest touch, or the most sentimental, but I like to see sick kids stop crying when I give them a popsicle)

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