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  1. babybluefeather

    Parkland Formula- Please help

    Yeah you have to give that much fluid that fast and it can be done, it sounds crazy but it happens all the time, hopefully a 45% burn would get admitted a lot ...
  2. babybluefeather

    Third degree burns over 80%of body...

    First let me say I am so sorry your family has to go through this, it is a terrible thing. There are so many things that factor in to someone surviving such a ...
  3. babybluefeather

    Shout out to Missoula Montana!

    My husband and I are both nurses and are traveling, however due to some family issues at home, he will be traveling alone to Montana (leaving tomorrow) for Miss...
  4. babybluefeather

    Update on St Thomas

    Still waiting, there are some older threads that are a little helpful.
  5. babybluefeather

    Joseph Still Burn Center

    I am interested in relocating to the Augusta area and was interested in the Burn Center there. Could anybody give me the low down on this hospital, area, pay sc...
  6. babybluefeather

    Joseph Still Burn Center

    I am very interested in relocating to Augusta to work in this facilty, anybody that has the low down on this hospital, the area, the pay scale would be greatly ...
  7. babybluefeather

    Update on St Thomas

    I have looked into the Virgin Islands/St. Thomas and the posts are a few years old. Any new information on this travel assignment, hospital, working conditions...
  8. babybluefeather

    anybody out there?

    Yes we are out here! Your frustration has been felt before and many times by many nurses. Your issues with this particular nurse is what I refer to as "the on...
  9. babybluefeather

    travel assignments for burn nurses?

    I am a burn nurse, even though I have 1.5 years experience in CardiacTelemetry I want to travel as a burn nurse. Is there any companies, hospitals ect that use...
  10. babybluefeather

    The 'look' that people give you...

    I am a burn nurse- I actually wait for the look when I tell people where and what I do. I wait to see if they are mortified, curious or both. There is so much m...