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  1. Career and Family

    I have a 3 yr old and a husband, and just graduated RN school. It's more difficult than being single (I did that too- graduated LPN school with a boyfriend), but it can be done. Make sure you have some backup childcare when the kids get sick or can'...
  2. Nervous stomach/ about to start first RN job

    I about passed out on an patient's epidural insertion (note that I had it done to myself 4 times in one day), I quietly sat down on the couch when I became lightheaded and knee-weak. I was pretty dizzy trying to watch a chest tube insertion, and will...
  3. Everyone's laughing except me.

    That wasn't very nice to say. I'd feel the same way if it happened to me. I'd pull that person aside and tell them " I'd prefer if you don't criticize me in front of other coworkers," and they should get the point. I wouldn't stand for that nonsense...
  4. husbands that won't help

    Men and their video games...what is it about the two? I don't get it either. I've been in the same boat as you. Kid, husband, and nursing school is not easy, and no one really knows how hard it is on you unless they've done it too. I'd suggest to hav...
  5. Nicotine Test

    I believe they're a no-smoke facility so they can get lower rates on their health insurance for their employees, not that they don't want you to smoke per se.
  6. No job still UGH!

    I know this has been repeated, but I just had to type it. I"m an LPN with 3 yrs, in the medical field a total of 6 yrs, and have my RN license, and can't get a darn job! I'm grasping at everything, and I feel I'm stuck with private duty cases which ...
  7. turning pts during sleep?

    I am suprised I got such a blunt response from some of you. I don't think some words were called for, much less necessarry. I want the best for my patients, and that's why I asked. If I have a question about why or what the "real" standard is- not wh...
  8. turning pts during sleep?

    At least I know I'm asking a question that is 50/50, and not just a random thought. I know standards are Q2H, but if your patient ends up with seizures from lack of sleep and they just drifted off at the start of your shift, I'm inclined to opt out o...
  9. turning pts during sleep?

    I strive to make my patients comfortable. With a quadriplegic pt who has good circulation and no hx pressure sores/skin breakdown, do you still need to change positions while sleeping?
  10. Meds in TPN bag?

    I feel like an idiot for not going with my instinct. I've done private duty for about a year, and never ran into this situation before. I started with this agency about 2 months ago, and wouldn't recommend them. Meanwhile, I've been trying to get a j...
  11. Meds in TPN bag?

    Does anyone know if medications can be added (premixed)to a TPN bag? I'm not talking about a IV push or piggyback. Also, when you've scheduled a shift, are not orientated to the patient (don't know what kind of situation is going on), and go to the h...
  12. Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    I feel that I'm pretty knowledgable with math being my worst subject..... every time I would hear a doctor say "sonometer" I didn't understand what kind of measurement that was and until I read this thread, I thought it was a medical measurement that...
  13. I could have sworn that I heard that 485 POC (at least a copy) are required to be in the home chart for nurses to review along with the MARs. Is this a CMS requirement? or does this sound like a company policy?
  14. Has anyone tried any online LPN to RN programs

  15. Has anyone tried any online LPN to RN programs

    I just completed an online program- LPN to RN from Seminole Community College in Sanford, FL (well Altamonte Springs now). I recommend it. I heard some iffy stuff about Excelsior and some potential issues regarding the BON and the company. However, I...