No job still UGH!


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I know this has been repeated, but I just had to type it. I"m an LPN with 3 yrs, in the medical field a total of 6 yrs, and have my RN license, and can't get a darn job!

I'm grasping at everything, and I feel I'm stuck with private duty cases which I'm wanting to desparately get out of.


>>>>HIRE ME!!!


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Is your only experience private dute and office peds? I would definately try to apply to a general med-surg or medical floor. Be open to different shifts. With the general knowledge you'll aquire on these floors it should be easier for other assignments to open up to you.

Go to the hospitals with resume in hand, dressed professionally and ask to speak with an HR officer. You might just be offered an interview on the spot.

And follow up with those resumes you have submitted. Also, be sure to look over your resume to make sure that it is clean and concise. There are lots of resume writing sites on the internet.

Also, catch up with class mates many of them might be able to guide you on your search as well. My newest job was secured by asking for a recommendation from an ex coworker. Because of his willingness to speak with his manager, I was offered an interview and subsequently a job!

Good luck!

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