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I'm a crunchy mom of 3 kids, a wife, and a nurse

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  1. crunchymomx3

    Anyone work in a "no smoking " facility?

    I work in a No Smoking Hospital. No smoking on the grounds. Staff must leave the grounds to smoke and they do. I've been there for about a month and a half (and it's a hospital that is a mile from my house so I drive by it all the time) and I have never seen a patient smoking outside in front of the hospital. I've only seen one or two walk down to the road to smoke. If our patient's are smoker the Drs will order a nicotine patch for them when they are admitted.
  2. crunchymomx3

    crushing medications

    I always thought it was odd that people would site drug interactions when crushing meds and putting them in a G tube but no one worries about it when a patient swallows a handful of whole pills that have been ordered for administration at the same time.
  3. crunchymomx3

    Nurses children and vaccinations, how do you feel?

    I didn't make it through all the replies on here but I will say I am just fine with people who don't vax. My kids were all vaxed on time but if I could do it over I would delay without a doubt and skip some vaxes like varicella. To whoever said something about the pharm companiesnot making money from vaxes; you need to do some more research. Vaxes generate billions in revenue each year. If it didn't, pharm companies wouldn't spend all the money they do to court our government into making vaxes mandatory without question. :)
  4. With my orientation we are only expected to work our scheduled hours regardless of what our preceptors work. It happens to be for me that I was hired for 36 but my preceptor only works 32. They fins extra stuff for me to do so I can make up my 4 hours. Did you tell your preceptor you weren't expecting to work 40? Maybe you could ask her what she think you should do.
  5. crunchymomx3

    Pregnant during orientation as new grad RN?

    *hugs* I'm sorry for your loss
  6. crunchymomx3

    liability insurance

    I'm not sure about coverage but all of my instructors suggested we get insurance once we pass the NCLEX. They said you can't be too careful.
  7. I've had friends and neighbors ask all kinds of things from info about a drug they are taking to looking at rashes and cuts. Last week a friend of mine asked me to suture his hand (I happen to have a few emergency suture kits at home. Long story). I told him I don't do sutures. He stitched it himself.
  8. crunchymomx3

    is it just me?

    I'm not a big fan of meds either, but as a nurse I know it's my job to know pharmacology. It's not my strong point for sure, but just because I dislike the over use of meds by our society doesn't mean I get to throw my hands up on the subject, kwim. As far as the NCLEX, don't worry to much about the pharm on it. I really do suck at pharm and I passed in 75 questions lol. Just focus on the basics.
  9. crunchymomx3

    Scrubs: All solid, or mix and match/prints?

    In the floor I work now most people wear whatever. A lot of solid colors from Urbane Scrubs (I love them!). Different styles all over. When I move to the LDRP they provide you with scrubs. Purple ones.
  10. crunchymomx3

    How hard is it for a new grad to find a hospital job???

    MA people, have you tried CT if you can hack the drive? I know a few nurses who make the drive into CT and have gotten good jobs.
  11. crunchymomx3

    Starting Salary.

    Because the COL is not the same everywhere. All jobs vary somewhat in pay rate depending on where you live.
  12. crunchymomx3

    how many patients for a new grad on the first day on the floor?

    I should also mention that I am in a completely new hospital for me with all new policies, paperwork, computers, etc.I school I easily cared for 3-4 patients and still had time to help out others. Right now I am more focused on learning how this hospital works than caring for lots of patients.
  13. crunchymomx3

    how many patients for a new grad on the first day on the floor?

    First day I just followed a buddy (preceptor was on vacation) and helped out here and there to get the feel of the floor and paperwork. Second day I had 1 patient with my buddy and again I helped her out, and anyone else who needed help. Next week I plan to have 1-2 patients. As one of the nurses said to me on my floor, take your time. Go slow and learn everything you can. Soon enough you will have enough patients to handle. My orientation is 5 months, so I have that option and the hospital wants us to take whatever time we need. I know some places have much shorter orientations and don't have the option to go slow.
  14. crunchymomx3


    Talk to the NM. I just started orientation and they have been more than accommodating for us. They didn't have a set schedule for us until last week and they didn't expect us to have our lives completely on hold. If they can work around the wedding they will and if not they won't.
  15. crunchymomx3

    How hard is it for a new grad to find a hospital job???

    I graduated in May but had my job set before graduation. I started applying in January and had 3 offers lined up. But I do know more than a few people from my class who still don't have jobs. They applied late, had lower GPAs, etc. Nursing shortage or not, hospitals won't just take any new grad for orientation. If you have experience as an RN it's much easier to get a job. At least around here anyway.
  16. crunchymomx3


    I have 3 small kids (3, 8, and 10) and I'll be starting nights when I'm off orientation. I think you have to know how you body works in regards to sleep. I've been doing days right now for orientation (7A to 730P) and I am dying. I was not made to wake up at 5am and go to work. I'm a night owl for sure. I can go all night and be fine with falling asleep in the morning. As far as the kids, my plan will be to have DH drop the kids off at school/preschool before I get home in the AM so I can go right to bed for a few hours. Hopefully it will all work out because the pay is killer!