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Lemur has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nurse.

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  1. Hello! I have a question for school nurses in PA - is it possible to become certified with the NBCSN and not enroll in classes for certification at a college?? Like, I just want to take the test and not get half a master's degree. Is that kosher? FWI...
  2. Lemur

    I dont handle lazy aides well

    I agree with darkangel: every RN should work as an aide at some point. I have been an aide for 1.5 yrs and it's been a great experience. I work with the RNs and the other aides as one big team and we all get along really well, as we all respect each ...
  3. Lemur

    Do you know any nursing school nearby princeton??

    Raritan Valley Community College, Helene Fuld, Capital Health, just a few.
  4. Lemur

    License Number in NJ

    I took NCLEX on July 6, found out I passed July 8, and JUST yesterday (July 23) got a letter in the mail saying my license is on its way. They only update the site once a month, which is ridiculously slow - my friends from school got licensed in PA a...
  5. Hello, I sent my application for licensure by examination last week - anyone know how long until I receive my authority to test? And do you know if I will need to do the fingerprinting before I can sit for NCLEX? Everyone in my graduation class is g...
  6. Lemur

    Vital Signs - what's your routine??

    Thank you all for your responses! At my hospital we use a dynamap and the pulseox takes the pulse. We also use a temporal thermometer which takes 1 second. I usually try to count respirations while the BP cuff is inflating, but inevitably the pt asks...
  7. Hey guys - Not sure if I am posting in the right place, but I am a nurse intern (read: nurse aide, but I am in nursing school so I get this title and I just do NOT have my routine down for getting vital signs. I usually have to do ~12 patients as so...
  8. Lemur

    Please tell me I don't have a latex allergy...

    Thank you - I guess I am freaking myself out with all the anaphylactic shock talk that comes up when you google latex allergy. It's just my luck, really :wink2:
  9. I am a nursing student, and we only have clinical once a week so it's taken me a while to put this together - every clinical day I come home with very dry peeling hands. I had always blamed it on the handwash we use at the hospitals (the foamy one), ...
  10. Thanks Daytonite! I'm actually totally fine with the actual teaching care plan part, it's just the fact that I will be handing it in without lab values that I am worried about. My patient's med dx was asthma exacerbation and he is hypertensive, so it...
  11. And tell me what you would do! We are in a 5 week med surg mini-rotation. We have clinical once a week. For two of the five weeks, we go on "filed trips" (once to PACU and once to a GI procedure unit). The first week I had my GIPU field trip, and tom...