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  1. 718BrooklynRN

    Per diem question

    I would look into the policy. I am per diem but I can go to the union representative for clarification. Did you meet your quota for the day in question or did you move cases around? We are allowed to leave the field once we have seen our cases. Is it a per week quota or daily? We have to see a minimum of 35, 7 per day, but you may see 4 today and 10 tomorrow.but it shouldn't matter if you saw your planned cases. I just know they value SOC and don't want you to say no to new cases. What I have done when I have an appointment is to say I'm leaving the field early next Tuesday and all my cases are covered. I would really look into the policy to cover yourself.
  2. 718BrooklynRN

    Per diem question

    Do you have a union? I'm in NY and we have a union. I have never been asked to do a SOC late in the day only in emergency and then that would be a revisit and someone would do the SOC the next day.
  3. 718BrooklynRN

    Winston Salem State University

    I finished the program in Feb 08. Many people including myself had families. It is hectic but definitely doable. Time management is important. You can do it!!!!
  4. 718BrooklynRN

    NY license application

    i used the month and year on my application and this is the site i used for both classes [color=#003399]http://www.elearnonline.net infection control and child abuse
  5. 718BrooklynRN

    *:.Advice Needed:RN Newbie in NYC.:*

    I am really nervous. I want to move back to NY to save money (move back home). So as an outsider I may have touble finding something. I have only been a nurse since April and working since May. I want to move by Dec. But I do not want to move without a job. I am currently in NC.
  6. 718BrooklynRN

    Where to continue for my RN near Charlotte ??

    For a BSN UNC Charlotte is good or ADN Central Piedmont Community College. These are the most economical choices. They are state schools and after a year you can get in state tuition
  7. 718BrooklynRN

    50/50...any advice?

    I felt the same way before my test. I woke up early and prayed and before I started my test I prayed. I was cool up to question 25 then started to freak out. I just meditated and refocused. I had test anxiety throghout school as well. I also was nauseous everytime I thought about the NCLEX. I would just think of a happy thought like being on the beach. I did pass so prayer and positive thoughts do work.
  8. 718BrooklynRN


    my classmate took it on friday and stopped between 160-167. she passed. the # of quest do not matter
  9. 718BrooklynRN

    Conflict of interest between NCSBN & NCLEX

    I feel if it was a one time fee people would not take it as seriously. I know that I am taking it very seriously because I do not want to have to pay again or be one of my classmates that do not make it.