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  1. nursey04

    Interesting cases anyone?

    As a mom and a nurse (not NICU). My full term daughter, planned C section, absolutely textbook fetal heart tracing. Emerged ok, but with somehwat weak cry. NICU staff left because she looked ok. Sats plummeted to 30's, massive pulmonary hemorrhag...
  2. nursey04

    Accepted a new job in telephone triage!

    Congrats! Will you be working in a physician's office? I have been a telephone triage nurse for over 8 years in a physician's office and it truly is an art, just like any other nursing specialty. I know you can get certified, but I can't remember...
  3. nursey04

    Can nurses be forced to work during pandemic

    Thanks for all the replies. I am referring to the US-currently work/live in Massachusetts. I work in an outpatient clinic currently, but also fear being forced-or even more so as other posters have pointed out "coearced"-into working in a different...
  4. I'm wondering-can the government force nurses to work during an emergency outbreak such as a pandemic?