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  1. RNRapunzel1029

    Question about diabetic

    Young/picky just because of age. Plan is to carb count and dose for lunch. So I figured I should count carbs actually eaten instead of full meal because it can differ by a lot.
  2. RNRapunzel1029

    Question about diabetic

    If a student has been running high blood sugars and does not finish their meals all of the time (so it's never exactly known if to dose for the full meal or not) do you dose right before the meal to counteract high sugars and correct low if needed or after the meal to see what they have eaten and if still high later on take it from there (what I do)? Hope this makes sense.
  3. RNRapunzel1029

    When do you go back?

    Tomorrow. :)
  4. RNRapunzel1029

    I'm Joining The Club

    congrats! I'm re-joining school nursing after working in a hospital for a little while and being a SAHM for a little while. Trying to get back into the swing of things.
  5. RNRapunzel1029

    I dread going to work :(

    So I've been trying to stay positive so far-I'm in my 2nd week on my own. Well, my last shift just took it all out of me. The shift started on such a bad note and it was all downhill from there. It's so hard not to feel incompetent when that's how others view you too. I question everything I do because I'm so new at all of this. I feel like I bug the poop out of everyone and it takes that much longer to get everything done because I need the help and I need my questions answered. Everyone says I will get the hang of it eventually, but at some point you wonder how much of that is truth.
  6. RNRapunzel1029

    [Med/surg] What are top 5 drugs your floor uses?

    Zosyn, dilaudid, ancef, norco, Ativan, protonix, heparin, beta blockers, insulin, lasix.
  7. RNRapunzel1029

    Well, this is it...first night on own.

    I survived. I'm beating myself up over a few mistakes I made, but all 6 of my patients were stable during my shift and when I left. I guess that's a win! I'm gonna write some of my thoughts out on the shift and hopefully think of some improvements I can make.
  8. RNRapunzel1029

    Well, this is it...first night on own.

    So after 6 weeks of orientation, tonight will be my first night on my own on my med surg floor. I am so nervous. Hopefully, tonight will go well. If anyone has any pointers I'm all ears. I'm just afraid I'm going to be as slow as a turtle. :)
  9. RNRapunzel1029

    4 years after graduation-offered a position on the floor!

    After graduation I had a 2 year break of no work. It wasn't my own choice. I couldn't find a job. I took that time to start my family. After that I was very lucky and grateful to find a school nurse position. I applied to as many jobs as I could and that is what I was offered. I did enjoy it, but I still wanted hospital experience. I took up a major networking campaign and pretty much put out a desperate call to everyone I knew that was working as a nurse in a hospital setting. After a couple of months of networking and applying to positions I landed my interview which ultimately led to my position.
  10. RNRapunzel1029

    July 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Mom: "I think our new nursing student forgot to set her clock back. What's an extra hour on a 12-hr shift anyway, right?"
  11. RNRapunzel1029

    Silly question-spiking levaquin bag

    Thank you. I had never used a bag with the plastic twist tab before so that is helpful to know.
  12. RNRapunzel1029

    Silly question-spiking levaquin bag

    Silly question, but I'm still gonna ask so I have a definite answer. When spiking a levaquin bag (the one with the two plastic tabs), do you twist off the bottom tab and spike it through the 2nd tab? It leaks until the spike is all the way in, which means it has to be spiked upside down right? Someone settle this debate in my head...thanks!
  13. RNRapunzel1029

    4 years after graduation-offered a position on the floor!

    I am in IL-I had no health experience before starting school, and I was looking for any and all positions. I would suggest to try and work during school, but with my schedule and commute it was pretty much impossible for me at the time.
  14. Hello, I just wanted to share my quick story. I graduated with a MS in Nursing in 2010, straight As. Did very well in clinicals. For some reason I could never find a hospital nursing position (and yes I tried pretty hard). I ended up starting my family a year later, still no job prospects. In 2012, I was lucky to obtain a school nursing position. For 2 years I worked as a school nurse-I loved working with the kids, but felt that I wanted to try again to find a hospital position to keep my skills and learn so much more. I revamped my resume and I informed every nursing contact I knew that I was looking for a job. I finally got an interview with a hospital by being referred by a fellow former classmate. The interview went well, the 2nd interview went well, and I was offered a position. I am proud to say that I will be starting nights on a med-surg floor in less than a week. Many times over the years I wanted to give up and stop searching. I couldn't understand why I couldn't get into the hospital system. Well, I'm glad I kept trying and I am very excited to be starting a new chapter of my career. Good luck to everyone out there!
  15. RNRapunzel1029

    I feel truly sorry for new grads

    I PMed you Concerto about a question on another topic, I graduated in 2010 and I'm still looking for a hospital job. It's very rough out there.
  16. RNRapunzel1029

    "My tooth is loose"

    Yup I tell them it's not ready to come out yet, but if it does fall out at school to come back to my office (they like getting the treasure boxes and such) :)