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Pediatric Nurse

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    LPN in Dr. office???

    Lots of phone triage, vaccinations if it's peds. computer skills are great to have, vitals, and strep, urine, and flu cultures.
  2. Did you ever think about a working in a doctor's office. I work in a pediatric office and we do injections , phone triage, charting, patient education, etc. It's a great alternative to LTC or hospital nursing.
  3. klink

    Outpatient/Office Nursing

    Pediatric offices tend to use more nurses than MA's because they have us do telephone triage, immunizations, and give neb treatments, meds, etc.
  4. klink

    What is your weakness?

    sputum, especially when it's in a full container from a chest tube---gross!!
  5. klink

    nursing superstitutions.....any truth in???

    I work in a ped's office, and we see urgent care in the evenings. One night a lot of the calls were not urgent. It was 15 min before the end of the eve and I was getting aggravated and said that no one should be calling at this time unless they had an emergency like a head lac. Two or three min later, the phone rang. A toddler fell and had a head lac above his eye.