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  1. Patient on patient abuse?

    Our population is mainly severe schizophrenia. They usually are at our facility for approximately a year though some much longer. We have eight beds in our facility. We step in constantly verbally but cannot physically remove them from each other....
  2. Patient on patient abuse?

    Thank you all for the responses. I have been ill the past 4 days so I apologize for the delay. Yes we are told that they (the patients) are here for the reasons of my concern and that we are unable to do anything about the bullying and horseplay du...
  3. Patient on patient abuse?

    I currently have been working as an LPN at a long term locked residential psychiatric facility for five years. Recently we have seen an increase in what I believe is patient on patient abuse. I wanted to get some advice from the community here. F...
  4. LPN wound care education

    I have been searching the net for any info on an LPN obtaining wound care certification to no avail. I live in the Pittsburgh area and am very interested in this field. Has anyone ever ran across classes for LPNs and wound care? Any info would be ...
  5. Have you been assulted as a nurse?

    It is a damn shame that it seems to be the norm to be a nurse and have been assaulted on the job. Where the hell are our rights?
  6. Assault on a nurse

    Is it fair to be assaulted and have your company say you cannot press charges? I work in a locked residential facility for mental health patients and I am assaulted weekly. They are on a 302 commitment. If we press charges we loose our position. ...
  7. Assulted on the job

    I am an LPN @ a locked residential facility for mentally ill patients. I have been there for three years and have enjoyed my job up until recently. We have a new batch of residents that are constantly threatening, touching and flat out assaulting m...
  8. Educational videos for patients

    Hello. I am a psychiatric nurse at a long term secured facility in PA. Our general population of patients are dx'ed with severe paranoid schizophrenia. We have found that attendance and participation is greatly increased to our nursing groups when...
  9. what type of shifts

    2-8hr and 2-12hr where I am at.
  10. Question re working for NHS Human Services western PA

    I live in western PA in Armstrong county. Yea I also worked in mental health field for 9 years. I am so grateful to land a good job in the field.
  11. Hello I recently passed my NCLEX LPN exam. I applied for a job at NHS Human services. I interviewed with them and they seem like a great place to work. Almost too good. I was offered the job and I accepted. The job is for one of their long term ...
  12. NCLEX am I ready?

    I am scheduled to take the NCLEX on April 10th and have been studying very hard for it. I am using the Saunders review book with cd to prepare. On the Saunders Cd I average a 60% on the tests and quizes. I am wondering if this is a good indication...
  13. Couldn't of said it any better. Nurses are Patient advocates. We need to stand up and say enough is enough! But unfortunately standing up for what is "right" usually get you labeled as a complainer and makes you life hell when dealing with manag...
  14. Again if this is happening all the time and nothing is done blame not the person calling off/coming in late, blame your place of employment. Parents shouldn't be given special rules I %100 agree with that. When your employer lets this happen it je...
  15. If management does nothing and you have expressed that it is a safety matter to your patients and your license, then I wouldn't feel too comfortable working for that place. What does that say about your employer if you tell them there is a safety co...