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  1. rosepetls

    out of nursing field for 20 yrs.

    Hello, I am a stay at home mom out of nursing now for 20 yrs. I am interested in getting back into the nursing profession. I am also interested in dialyis. I was wondering if an RN can become a dialysis tech. to learn more about dialysis? I mean actually take a dialysis tech program, then get a job as a tech for experience. Then when have a year or two of tech experience try to then get a job as RN. Is that feasible? Or does that jeopordize your nursing license some way? Thanks for your help. rosepetls
  2. rosepetls

    where go to training fresenius in IL.

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows where do you go to training if you get hired as a RN for Fresenius in IL. The Chicagoland area. If there is a course to take is it all classroom for a certain amount of time? Where would that course be located? Thanks so much. Vesper
  3. rosepetls

    Davita Acute job

    Just wondering whats the difference between acute and chronic? Thanks.
  4. rosepetls

    most common meds on night shift

    Thanks so much for responding. I'm very nervous, I start tonight.
  5. rosepetls

    most common meds on night shift

    Hello, I was wondering what the most common meds are on the night shift in nursing homes. I will be starting a new job & I'd like to review what the most common meds I will be passing on the night shift. Please help. I start in a couple of days. Thanks so much.
  6. rosepetls

    New job at nursing home

    Thanks so much.
  7. rosepetls

    New job at nursing home

    Hello, I've been out of nursing for 14 yrs. and I just got a job at a nursing home. I am very excited but also a bit scared because I haven't worked in such a long time. Not sure how long I'll be on orientation. I'll be working the night shift. Any words of wisdom out there. Thanks.