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NNP-2018 has 6 years experience and specializes in NICU, L&D and ED.

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  1. NNP-2018

    Physiology class, tips for success

    Sorry, I don't have any good tips yet! I'm in the same position. If I come up with anything that works I'll let you know. I am going to work a little bit in the coloring book that was on the recommended book list today to see if that helps. I'm in section 03. Good luck
  2. NNP-2018

    New Grad NICU Nurse seeking advice!

    I also have The core curriculum for neonatal nurses. It is in an outline format. It is from AWHONN.
  3. NNP-2018

    Duke FNP Fall 2015

    Anyone know what books we are going to need for 580, nurse as scholar 1? Thanks
  4. NNP-2018

    Duke FNP Fall 2015

    http://www.dukestores.duke.edu/medicalcenterstore/books/pdf/medcoursebooks_fall_nursing.pdf This is the link for the booklist that the bookstore has posted. Some of the classes have their books listed. I'm planning on buying from either Duke or Amazon, whoever has the cheapest new books (I know I could save a lot with used, but I just don't like used books). Another thing I noticed is a lot of the books are one edition old, so I just want to wait and see what the instructors send out. I want to be sure sure this list is correct.
  5. NNP-2018

    Duke FNP Fall 2015

    I have not registered yet, I'm still waiting for my advisor to approve my Mat. Plan.
  6. NNP-2018

    Duke FNP Fall 2015

    I received my confirmation just now also. I have applied for the part-time NNP program.
  7. NNP-2018

    Duke and UNC MSN hopefuls Fall 2015

    Thanks! Good luck to you too and everyone else with interviews coming up!
  8. NNP-2018

    Duke and UNC MSN hopefuls Fall 2015

    I just scheduled mine for 12/22 at 12:30. I'm doing a phone interview since I live in Washington state.
  9. NNP-2018

    Duke and UNC MSN hopefuls Fall 2015

    Just found out today that I have been selected for an interview!!
  10. NNP-2018

    Duke and UNC MSN hopefuls Fall 2015

    I applied to Dukes msn nnp. I am not sure when the school is planning to contact students, I think it may depend on what specific program you applied for.
  11. NNP-2018

    Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

    It really depends on timing and your location. I worked labor and delivery before NICU because there were no openings for residencies in my area at the time I got my RN. Then I transferred to NICU as soon as I could. Try to get your senior preceptorship in a NICU if you can, but don't get to worried if you don't. Mine was in med surg because my NICU placement fell through due to a fall out of OB providers at the hospital I was supposed to be at and a very very low census.
  12. NNP-2018

    Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

    You need to have at least 2 years of level III NICU experience before beginning the clinical portion of the program. Some NNP programs allow you to start after a year of experience and continue working during the program and complete non clinical course work while you continue to gain experience.
  13. NNP-2018

    Complete list of NNP graduate programs

    Duke now offers their MSN NNP program online. You have to go to NC a few times during the program but do all your clinicals local. I actually just applied to the program for part time Fall 2015 start!
  14. NNP-2018

    Duke NNP

    Anyone else apply for The NNP program at Duke? I submitted my application for the online program, I'm in Washington state.
  15. NNP-2018

    Different Shift Hours

    Our NICU offers both 12 and 8 hour shifts: 7-7, 7-3, 3-11 and 11-7. A while back they tried to make everyone go to 12's but that did not last.
  16. NNP-2018

    Labs/Blood Gases

    I would love to have a copy also. Thanks