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  1. stilltrying

    Nurses STOP telling me to be a RN ! PLEASE

    Be encouraged and keep up the good work:yeah:
  2. stilltrying

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    My last post was to Smanion.
  3. stilltrying

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    That's a good thing.
  4. stilltrying

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    LPN should not be phased out! The BACK,WHITE,YELLOW,RED,ORANGE or Green ones. Let's keep them all and see if we can have a conversation without involving race. Who takes the most smoke breaks on you job? The Nurses or the CNA 's. The Nurses are worst on mine. NO cry babies allowed!
  5. stilltrying

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    If he can call him self black, I can too! The point is If you study hard the sky is the limit. It does not matter what other people think of you. Knowledge is power. They have to RESPECT that.
  6. stilltrying

    NO LUNCH??? NO BREAKS??? Is that common in nursing?????

    That is so true. I must agree.
  7. stilltrying

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    LOL! Some times WE have to laugh and walk away. Even though I am an RN student now,I am proud to be an African American LPN for 12 years with hospital experience. A good example of becoming what ever you want to be is. Our BLACK president. ENOUGH SAID!
  8. stilltrying

    Just Thanking God!!!

    AMEN. Thanks for the words of encouragement.
  9. stilltrying

    Ft. Myers Seasonal RN's

    You are welcome. Good luck.
  10. stilltrying

    Ft. Myers Seasonal RN's

    I like Shell Point. The is pay ok, but benefits are good. Are you an LPN or RN? The rate for PRN RN is $23 for days and $26 for nights. For LPN $20 days and $23 for nights. Their is an assisted living facility next to Health Park Hospital (another Lee Memorial Hospital) I think it is call The Cove. I heard they pay well, or you can always try places in Naples.
  11. stilltrying

    Ft. Myers Seasonal RN's

    I'm not sure when the season start for Lee Memorial but the nurses are not getting any hours now. I work @ Shell Point and our PRN staff is really getting upset because the hospital nurses are getting most of the hours now. Because they are willing to work any floor/shift.
  12. stilltrying

    Hurricane coming: evacuate or stay and work?

    My facility is the same way. You and I are in the same area lpnflorida.
  13. stilltrying

    Hurricane coming: evacuate or stay and work?

    Where I live you don't have a choice. You are on A team or B team, and some time C. A team is preparing for the storm sometime staying during the storm. B is relief after the storm is over. C might be to help get the patients back settled in and clean up. I always choose B team.
  14. stilltrying

    South Florida LPN's

    LTC does make more money. I work in LTC in the Fort Myers area.
  15. stilltrying


    I do not expect for YOUR tax dollars to pay my mortgage, nor did I expect to take everything MY husband and I worked for and place it into a BASIC family home. Only to have the value flushed down the toilet, and owe more than the home is worth now. That is not my fought. You are possibility the only person in America who own a home and it has held it's value. GOOD FOR YOU. THE REST OF US FULL TIME WORKERS,STUDENTS,and PARENTS can use a little help. And I don't care where it comes from! You sound like the finance companies. What are all these home owners supposed to down size to? HOMELESS!