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Foster Care, Pediatrics, MMTP, Internal
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Currently enrolled at Helene Full College of Nursing for my RN degree.

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  1. FlowersLPN

    The start of my journey toward my ASN

    Hi All, I thought i would pop into my favorite nursing website. It always gives me hope when I'm going through my personal trials and tribulations and have such positive, encouraging and uplifting words of support from fellow colleagues...thank you all for the words of encouragement, it really makes a difference. I just read the post from my journey from PA back to NY...wow, the paths life put you on are incredible. Since Dec 2014, we were in the same 1 bedroom apartment until recently; October 2017 we finally moved to a 2 bedroom!!! Same building, love the area , but, wow, what a difference a 2 bedroom makes!!! My daughter, now 6, has her own bedroom and is extremely happy. Although, this doesn't stop her from bringing 5 stuff animals with her when she climbs in bed with mommy, LOL , no complaints , I love it. Well, fast forward...I have been attending Helene Fuld College of Nursing in NY since last year, coming to an end of my second quarter and happy to report I am maintaining a B+ and a A-. Extremely tough, its accelerated, so days where I will only see my daughter in the mornings when I take her to school daily because I don't get home until about 10pm, but boy oh boy, I make a big deal in the am. Morning breakfast and tons of "sugar plum" kisses and tickles(that's our thing,LOL) with reserved energy, of course,LOL. I make dinners at night so they won't have to worry about dinner and they can come home and relax. Long nights, many, many, many long nights, limited sleep(roughly 3-4 hours of sleep) and 2-3 chapter and lab exams every week, on top of research papers and essays ..ahhhhh. Oh...did I mention while doing a Full time job?(Same employment I obtained when transferring back from PA, been there almost 5 years)Yup....Super woman!!!!With the help of an Amazing and super supportive husband, I actually couldn't do any of this without him. He re arranges his schedule to accommodate mine. He is truly a blessing. It's a sacrifice on everyone, but I believe I am doing this to better my family and get us a step closer to a better life. I always want to strive for better. We want our daughter to have a wonderful education(she is in the same Catholic school, since Pre k and doing amazing). I believe all parents work hard and sacrifice for the one thing in the world.....their children. I do this all for my family, this is what pushes me through the tired, sleepy, exhausted nights. This is what gets me up in the mornings to find the strength to do it all again. I hope my story can be words of encouragement because I have definitely come across some trials, pushed through and continuing to push. I hope to graduate by Dec 2018 or April 2019. Always remember you can do anything you want with determination. Your drive will always push you through. Thanks again for your support and words of encouragement. Happy New Year!!!!!
  2. FlowersLPN

    Looking for LPN-Rn program

    Helene Fuld College of Nursing, NY NY. Currently a 1st yea Nursing student
  3. FlowersLPN

    Helene Fuld College of Nursing

    Any one starting Chem/Math and NUR Skills 1/30? Anyone attending the New student orientation tomorrow 1/24/17?
  4. Hi Guys, I am starting my pre req's , SCI 101 & NUR 121 for Helene Fuld on 1/30/17. Definitely ready:yes:, just a little anxiuos:sarcastic:. Anyone have any advise or great tips? or words of encouragement??? I'm confident I can do this, just want to hear from someone that has:wavey:
  5. FlowersLPN

    The start of my journey toward my ASN

    Hi PD82!!!!! Yes we Can do this!!!!!!!! I will absolutely continue to share, through every step of the way. The comments and support from allnurses has always helped me through nursing school. Good luck to you and thank you:wavey:
  6. FlowersLPN

    The start of my journey toward my ASN

    Hi Pixie, I absolutely did last week, ombudsman stated "no"did not fall within a "extreme life event", Huh? says you,lol. But I am going to push forward, thanks for reading and support.
  7. I wanted to share my journey with you over the last 2 yrs.....you may find encouragement to push forward and not give up, no matter what obstacles you face. Born and raised in NYC, I have 7+ yrs experience as LPN. In April 2013, me and my husband-Auto Technician, (daughter just turned 2 yrs old at the time) decided to move to PA. We was tired of the city life(no parking, car has been broken into 2x,etc)just tired of the rat race. Our primary concern is our daughters education. We didn't think we could give her a great education in NYC due to the overcrowded classrooms, budget cuts in education,etc. After researching the schools, comments from parents, test score reviews,etc.,we wanted to move to West Chester, PA, seemed like a good idea at the time. Researched job market, resumes sent out....I was offered and accepted a Position as a Nurse in MMTP. Did not renew NY lease and off to PA.......come to find out the MMTP position changed, no longer full time 7-3pm, advised me hours are variable and now per diem status---did I mention I have a toddler? So now looking for a new job for me and my husband, resumes going out like crazy, running through our savings to pay bills, daycare expenses,gas prices and daily living expenses to get by until we gain full time employment. Husband gained employment with major Auto Center. I Accepted position as a nurse in small clinic(money not great at all compared to NYC), total nightmare, witnessed Insurance fraud, MD Fraud, MA's writing RX without MD approvals,medical incidents left and right, plus here comes this Nurse from NY that shouts from the roof top "I will not do certain things that will put my License at risk!!!!!"--Did I say I was from NY?--From there on, It was made apparent, "How dare she come here and tell us what she will and will not do" Everyday going to work was a nightmare. It motivated me to continue my nursing education. I enrolled at Excelsior, in the AAS Nursing Program,paying on the payment plan, completed payment plan in November 2013. Now,Ready to register for my prereqs and begin my classes. Then....December 2013, I was in a terrible car accident, lost control of the car in a winter storm and gained a concussion. I could hardly take care of my daughter due to the dizziness, insomnia and anxiety. I Resigned from my job. Now only Husbands income, savings is almost depleted. I had to do something and wanted to return to NYC, PA was not a great choice. I started sending resumes out to NYC, Driving back and forth for interviews ,then accepted employment, but no apartment yet and new employment began 2/2014. Packed up entire apartment in PA in Storage. Called Mother-In-Law, we stayed with her in a small 2 bedroom apartment , where we slept in the living room on a sofa bed. Husband was employed in PA until his transfer was complete. Weekends came ,me and daughter were on the train to PA, For about 4 months until Husband transfer came through. June 2014, husband now with us in Mother In law apartment, now a total of 5 people in this small 2 bedroom. I was sending out applications for apartments like crazy, I mean every where. I reached out to my previous Landlord, but nothing was available. So now months go on with arguments,attitudes, crowdedness and we are getting on each others nerves. Could not afford to start classes because I had to find an apartment first and become stable. Worrying about my daughter starting school for PreK3 and tuition for her. Did more research for schools and family/friends word of mouth, Yayyyyyyyy, found a great Catholic school. September 2014, PreK3, here we go and she is flourishing, the school is great, location is great and she is getting the best education. Thank GOD, because this is all that matters to us as parents, we want the very best for our children. So, now paying car notes, daughter tuition, student loans, contributing to household(not a complaint)and saving for an apartment. December 2014, I am doing my usual and looking online for an apartment, I could not believe my eyes----my same apartment was listed (lived there 7yrs before I left NY), I called the leasing company, received application and APPROVED!!!!!!! It all took 1 weekend,Approved on Friday and moved in Sunday, 2 weeks before Christmas. Now, I am back in my same apartment,racing to make it fabulous for my daughter, on a very limited budget, but it was wonderful and we are all so very happy. Present day, Now back to focusing on my Nursing education, I logged into my Excelsior account to find out my annual Student Service fee was due 12/2014!!!!!! I called the Bursar to be advised that I had 3 months to pay, which would have been 3/15/2015. I was withdrawn due to non payment and have to re-enroll. Devastated, $1,065 again, instead of keeping track of the date for the Annual Student Fee,(no one to blame but myself)I put myself in a hole. After I had a good long cry, I realized I made a very costly mistake and crying will not change anything. So I am going to pay the re-enrollment and move forward with my Nursing Education. If I can get through the past 2 years of trials and tribulations, tears, arguments, worries,making ends meet some way and the Many, Many prayers to GOD and the blessings he gives-----I can definitely complete my Nursing Degree. I am going in with both feet completely planted and ready for whatever my degree will bring. I am determined and motivated. In the end of it all, I will have my AAS in Nursing with "RN"beside my name. So fi I can push forward, so can you. Thank you for reading.
  8. FlowersLPN

    2010 LPN/LVN hourly wage

    nyc foster care $28.95:nurse:
  9. What school for RN should i go to?
  10. Hi All, I am a new LPN, passed boards in March '08. I live in Bronx, NY. I am planning on going back to school to pursue my RN, i would like to be accepted into a RN program by Sept.'09. So i know i have to start now with the application process, But the problem is, What RN school, should i go to???? THERE ARE SOOOO MANY. Cochran, Helene, Hopfer, Hunter, Pace, LI, Beth Israel and among others. I really need advise.I have so many concerns. Come on LPN's and RN's help a new grad. PLEASE!!!!! Im so frustrated.
  11. FlowersLPN

    my first week as an LPN

    I really understand where your coming from, its unreal. You work so hard in school, look and admire nurses who love and enjoy there job, then you graduate and YOU ARE A NURSE. Then you start work and its hard, not difficult, but mentally you must stay focused all the time, doing multi tasking, reminding, remembering, completing, its exhausting. But I honestly, wake up to realize, I love being a nurse.
  12. Help Guys, Who's hiring in NYC? Just wanna get a heads up, if you know kindly share Thanks:D!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hey Guys, Just curious who's hiring in NYC. I am a new LPN and looking for my first job. Already sent resumes out, but waiting. I get numerous LTC offers, but would prefer a Hospital setting to gain experience and sharpen my skills. Any one have any info about NYC hospitals thats hiring new, LPN's? Could really use some help:typing
  14. FlowersLPN

    Roll Call: Introduce Yourselves, LPNs!

    Hi All! I am a new, (just recently passed the NCLEX-PN) LPN effective April 3rd 2008. Graduated from Nursing School June 2007. I am so happy to be apart of the world of Nursing. In process of sending resumes and looking for that wonderful job. I reside in NYS, any advice for a new LPN, any job insight to who's hiring? Glad to meet you all!!!!!!!!!
  15. FlowersLPN

    My 2nd Time Around For The Nclex-pn

    i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited