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    Why did you choose to go into nursing?

    Considering there isn't alot of formal education required the pay is pretty good. Um, oh yea I also like helping people.
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    Nursing Me Black

    If you walk onto the floor and cant leave the color of your skin out of it, no matter what that color is, then you have a problem. Yes times have changed! I said that to the person that assumes nurses are female. She is living in the past. I find that assumption more common in the older population. I am white. Do you think I haven't lived with racism all my life? I have news for you. Black people are just as racist as everyone else. I agree with you billie39 that racism is a problem but it bothers me that you seem to think it is only white against black. I guess you will not answer my question about your generaliztions about whites in your earlier post/s. Dont you think your view that all whites have a problem with the color of your skin is racist? I guess it really does bother me that you consider me racist because I am telling you that you are doing the same thing you accuse white people of doing. I could care less about the color of your skin but you and white people both need to get over it when you are supposed to be focusing on patients. Feel free to finish with the last word and I am going to drop the subject.
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    LPN to BSN @ Indiana State U...here is the info i got!!!

    No you do not have to use TCN and I suggest talking to the University rep about the program before signing on with them and go to ISU's site where they have great and easy to understand info. The problem with this thread is that there are many questions asked and very few real answers especialy from people that have done it. I met with TCN and came very close to signing but in the end decided to go to a local school for gen ed classes.
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    Nursing Me Black

    I was wondering why you assumed we were women until I saw your age. Times have changed... in alot of ways.
  5. nursenow

    Nursing Me Black

    I am not sure what you mean about the UK. Is racism a big problem there? I have never been there.
  6. nursenow

    Nursing Me Black

    Don't you think your generalization about whites is racist? How about saying it is a problem for SOME whites. My skin color isn't a problem for blacks but it sure is for SOME blacks (and believe it or not, some whites) Most people, in my experience, don't seem to realize racism can be and is found in people of all colors. They often don't even realize they are racist. (yes it is possible i am racist) Years ago I lived in Gulfport Ms. for a year and then Memphis for 18 months (Coast Guard) and to this day I still don't know which part of the population was the most racist in that area - blacks or whites.
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    Nursing Me Black

    Thats it? That is a very common/average/typical tactic by someone wanting to defend an indefensible position. I suggest it is not OK for African Americans to be racist and you accuse me of being racist. All you can do is attack me?. Are you trying to change the focus because you can't defend what that poster is doing? Try thinking outside your box. If you walk onto the floor looking for your brothers and sisters (only those with your skin color) to support you, you are a racist. I don't care if you are black or white. How am I racist because I expect you to get over peoples color and consider everyone as part of your team when working as a nurse? Why do YOU think it is OK to view people through the color of their skin? Have you considered that even though you are politicaly correct you are a racist and don't know it? :)
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    Nursing Me Black

    Those are the exact same things that go on between nurses of all races. I gurantee the white nurses are doing the same thing to you(and each other) and it is not because you are black. Maybe it is time for alot of people to get over the black thing and accept the fact that just because someone does you wrong it doesn't mean they are racist. Try just being a nurse.
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    CNA doing Rectal Stimulation for Fecal Evacuation?

    Telling a nurse to do something because you are "pretty sure" it is allowed is a risky way to go. Call the BON if you don't KNOW and ask them or research it. Yes, in my state it is an invasive procedure and I am suprised a nurse would have to ask about letting a CNA do it.
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    Lost job over HIPAA violation, what is employment potential?

    I just have to post again on this subject. I have to say it! WHO- WHY-WHAT in the world would someone that has been to nursing school be thinking to do this!!?? Someone please tell me it is a moderator that posted this trying to drum up interest in a thread. How could you possibly get through school and then do this? That person should not be trying to figure out how to get another job in nursing; She should be looking for another career because she does not have the judgment to be a nurse!
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    Lost job over HIPAA violation, what is employment potential?

    Wow! Taking a photo of a patient under any circumstances without their signed consent? Then sending it to a friend? That is a perfect example of that old saying "Just because you get through nursing school doesn't mean you have what it takes to be a nurse". (Yep, another lecture)
  12. Personaly, if I was unemployed I would be answering the phone 24/7. No calls would go to voice mail unless I was already on the line with a prospective employer.
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    Dirty little secrets to managing LTC

    If you are giving a med once a day and your MAR shows it is due at 0900 and you are giving it at 1100 you are not giving it at the ordered time. The state will ding you for that. You can not day by day decide what time you want to give a med. Your facility may have a protocol that you are required to follow but I am very sure you are not changing times meds are given on your own day by day. You and I dont have authority to decide on our own whether or not the two hour rule is old and should be discarded or if it is still relevent. If you doubt that, call the state and tell them you have decided not to follow that rule. That comment is a perfect example of why the state inforces those rules in spite of what a particular nurse thinks about it. I am curious what state allows you to give a med without a time listed? I am sure it is not mine. Does every am and pm mean I can give that antibiotic at 1100 and 1230? How about Norco BID, 1200 and 1400? Protoni every AM, is that 1130, 0600, 0300? Yea right. There are recommended times to give any med and your facility is following them just like the rest of us are.
  14. nursenow

    Dirty little secrets to managing LTC

    If you are not giving a patient their meds within that two hour window then you are not giving them "safely". There is a reason for that time frame and a reason an MD orders a med at a certain time (usually). That window is not just to make you hurry up and get the job done. If you dont give a med ontime then you are commiting a med error and that is the way the state will see it if they catch you. How is not giving a med ontime "safe"?
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    Dirty little secrets to managing LTC

    Wow. Thats alot to do in two hours. Did you have GTubes also?
  16. nursenow

    Another fun music video...

    Great video. Where I work "they" would love to catch a staff member bringing a camera into the building.
  17. nursenow

    Tips for calling MD

    Calling the on call MD in the middle of the night for an Ambien order? Interesting. I have learned a couple things. 1. Oncall MDs can smell fear through the phone line. It seems to be like blood to a shark 2. If you are not prepaired with relevent information they need to make a decision,(a full assessment of the situation with your information organized and ready to present) you pretty much deserve what they do to you. I learned both these things the hard way.
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    "Why don't you just be a doctor?"

    No. If you go back and read my original post, you will see it was a reply to someone else but I have to say I am sorry for my short answer to you. It was kind of rude. You may be the same age as your physician but there are still BIG TIME cultural differences between the two of you. Is it possible that your physician has a different definitian of success than you based on his/her culture? Perhaps your doctor saw something in you that you don't see and was trying to steer you towards his/her idea of success? (take it as a complement from you MD) I can guarantee(when i am finished here i am going to look up the spelling of that word!) that a person that goes to school 12 years full time(plus), is not from the same culture as you.
  19. nursenow

    "Why don't you just be a doctor?"

    CouriousMe, i wasn't replying to you so my answer is kind of irrelevent? Hello?
  20. nursenow

    "Why don't you just be a doctor?"

    It is not ignorance! It is a cultural difference. How can you be insulted, how can you be a succesful nurse if you are insulted by perspectives coming from a different culture. One of the first things you learn as a student nurse is there are differences of opinions based on cultural differences. As I read through this thread, I really hope these people that are insulted that people from different countries and periods of history( meaning old prople) are not already nurses but are just students that have not studie that subject. Get over it.
  21. nursenow

    "Why don't you just be a doctor?"

    i think i learned the answer to why he did that when i was at the beginning of nursing school. it is a cultural thing. you have to understand where he is coming from and why he would have that opinion. get used to other cultures with different beliefs than yours or you are in for a pretty rough ride as a nurse. he was raised in a completely different culture from you(time in history) and it is, to an point, expected that he would have different beliefs than you. to him it is just as strange that you want to be a nurse as it is strange to you that he thinks it is strange (say that five times really fast!) if you are lucky, you are going to live long enough to be an old person with beliefs that may be different than some youngster. part of nursing is not being insulted by other cultures but instead having a first reaction of trying to understand why they would say/believe certain things and if you cant understand, then just roll with it.
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    Top 10 Myths of the "MURSE"

    sometimes i am mistaken for a doctor and am ok with it. i have mistaken a few doctors for nurses and they were ok with it. i dont understand the big deal about being mistaken for a doctor when you are not.
  23. nursenow

    When ill equipped students affect your grade...

    I am willing to do alot to get a good grade whether or not I like doing it. Maybe one way to look at working with a student like that is just to view him/her as an unpleasant class assignment. Do your best to get the best grade possible on the assignment and hope the next assignment is more fun/interesting.
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    Nursing Field Sees Changes

    In the facilities I have experience with (california), you can not tell the difference between the job of an LVN and an RN by casual observation because they do the exact same thing except for PICC and IVs. There may be RNs and LVNs on the floor together but the LVNs are not working for the RNs. They just work side by side. It is not uncommon at my facility on NOCs for there only to be LVNs on the floor( unless there are patients with PICC/IVs). Ultimately everyone is working for the DON and Medical director (MD). It is nothing like I was taught it would be in school. The nurses on the floor need no routine "supervising" because everyone knows and does their job. I guess the gist of it is that RNs and LVNs get the exact same amount of bedside time.
  25. nursenow

    Patient doesn't know he's terminal

    If the family said don't tell someone they are dying, I would not put my wants and needs ahead of the families and tell. How can a nurse conclude his/her opinion in this situation is more important/informed than the families. The family has known that person their whole life. I would happily step aside and let someone more informed than me (at the facility) make that call. The patients I have dealt with in this situation had no family that even wanted to be with them while they died. Kind of sad. Another thought; If a patient spends their life involving their family in all aspectd of their life, sharing everything with them, it almost seems like the death isn't just the patients. it is just as much the families? It will have a profound affect on the people not dying. Not saying that is the way it is, just wondering.

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