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  1. hi mam ychelle anne! i'm also for UniSA come April 3 2012! i guess if all goes well, i'll be meeting you soon!!! have you applied for the 573 visa? mine was lodged just monday. you should have done your PE by this time. how can i contact you?? :)
  2. pinoynars

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Can anyone help me? please enlighten me... my PD is Feb2007, packet 2: july 2007. haven't reached the DS230 yet. as of now, i am currently unemployed and have been like that since april 2005 (took nle dec05, ielts apr06, cg sept06 & nclex mar07 ). but i have undergone a 6-month training already in one of the tertiary hospitals here in davao. i am applying in different hospitals but it it's much difficult to find work as a nurse now than before. we're just too many. it seems that parents sometimes do not know what's best (because they wanted me to finish all the exams first before trying to find a work). hehehehe! im afraid that when the ds230 arrives any time soon, i won't have anything to put under the question #22 (Employment for the last 10 years). Can it affect the decision of the Consul during the interview or even during the 'documentarily legitimate/prepared' phase (am i ryt?)?? what do you suggest? im considering of applying as an MT (med'l Transcriptionist) for the meantime. i'm so lost... help help!
  3. pinoynars

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    hope i can relate to all of you in the very near future. but for now IM TOAST! my pd is feb2007 (phil) and have read that some of the people with the same pd as mine have already sent their ds230! i don't even know if the visa fee bill has already been paid by my agency... i already emailed them just moments ago. :) anyway, if i try to call the nvc via automated voice call, will i know if it has been paid already? i have been so much enlightened by just reading all the responses to this thread. wow! im so amazed! and happy for those who have received their visas! felt like it was me! hehehehe! but i really am happy for u guys! also, just would like to ask you how many years did you wait for that? thanks... ive been waiting for a little over a year now... :) hope to hear from y'all soon! :) God bless!
  4. pinoynars

    Jobless partly because of Politics!

    yep, i know it's a pandemic thing but at least in the USA, nurses are well compensated. here, the net pay in a month for staff nurses is approx. $238. some of my friends are even earning way less than that (approx. $155). imagine? that's why im torn between trying another training (and pay for it) or apply for a job and wait for months. dang... btw, yep, hopefully i'll be there in america soon. just as long as retrogression gets lifted (God knows when..) im a patient person... hehehehe! thanks
  5. pinoynars

    Interested in combining nursing with film, any thoughts?

    i have always thought of that and wondered when will tv introduce a series with nurses as the lead characters. it's always about the doctors -- grays anatomy, house md, er, etc.. don't u think? i wonder when will be our turn? we rightly deserve the attention. we're first in line compared to doctors and we really take CARE of our patients hands-on. perhaps, the opportunity is waiting for you.. :) maybe u should try making a script... who knows? maybe someday we'll see your name as the creator of series about a nurse's life! :) Good luck and God bless!
  6. pinoynars

    Jobless partly because of Politics!

    i so darn hate politics!!! i never thought it's that worse in my town! i thought i can just get in a hospital and hope that i can be chosen because of my credentials... but no, most of the time, it has to be that you have to know someone powerful either from the society or from the hospital you're applying in to be able to get in faster. grrrrr! and believe me, it gets worse when you're already a staff in the hospital, mostly in public ones. tight sked if you're not buying your supervisor's items for sale. and one has to be super friendly with them because you're really dead if you don't. yes, im jobless but i saw those happen when i was a trainee in a hospital for 5 months. well, ordinary people still get nursing jobs here -- after 5 to 6 months of waiting (as of late 2007)! by ordinary people i mean those average-almost-dean's-lister-student, coming from a no-doctor-family, doesn't-suck-at-senior nurses ENTRY LEVEL NURSE. i know i did my job well but i guess it's not enough for them. i even knew a classmate that got hired when i knew i was way better than her. oh welll, que sera sera. i just hope and pray i'll get a job soon! even most of the hospital trainings here in the phil has a payment, some up to approx $240. (i paid approx. $73 for mine) gosh! imagine? we're giving free services and we're paying for it! God bless them! i hope this also clears a little bit as to the reasons why nurses are trying to get out of the philippines. politics is one of them! :wink2:at least i got these load off... thanks to allnurses...
  7. pinoynars


    hi ms bea! would just like to ask you how's it like working with westways? we just signed up with them last year. yep, we're directly hit by the retrogression. tsktsk... haven't even signed a DS230 yet with my PD as feb2007. it's okay. i hope it won't take 3 years coz my nclex will expire in 2 years. hehehe! btw, congratulations with the new baby and the green card! :) babies bring good luck indeed... hope to hear your california adventure! thanks in advance...
  8. pinoynars

    query about DS-230

    my PD date is Feb of 2007, approved on July same year. :) the agency has not yet sent me any blank DS230 tho. :) i think my agents are waiting for the real ones before requiring us to get the important documents for that. i was just confused because my other friends were getting theirs already eventhough their PD were a month later from mine. Thanks for the reply! :
  9. pinoynars

    query about DS-230

    would just like to inquire where retrogression starts? is it in the issuance of visa fee bill? my agency did not thoroughly explain the process. i don't really mind waiting. just don't want to be kept in the dark. i just want to know what to expect and what is going on regarding their petition. my file was already forwarded to the NVC and we were sent with the DS 3032. we haven't receive the DS230 yet. is that under the NVC's discretion? thanks for the future reply... :)
  10. pinoynars

    Salary questions for AL nurses

    hi alabama nurses! :) gud thing i found this thread... :) i was just wondering ... have you heard of an agency named ATLAS REHABILITATION LLC? it's suppossedly located in 1920 old springville suite 104 birmingham, AL. thanks much! :) ur reply is much needed! God bless... :)
  11. Hello fellow nurses! Unfortunately, after two weeks and so of researching, I haven’t found any solid proof of their Philippine venture (recruitment of Pinoy nurses). researched in yahoo page: only websites where I found them were: atlasrehabilitation.com (of course), ptforum, allnurses, community.nurses.com. almost all the threads were just asking and not answering. The pt forum had 2 threads that attested to the authenticity of their sponsorship and offers. Then again, I could pretend to be their client and post a thread like that. bbb.com: found a certain atlas staffing with the same address as them minus the suite 104. (don’t u think that’s kinda odd having different names?) I never stumbled into them in any of the websites that the agent suggested to my friend- (Alabama websites). in addition, if they’re already 20 years in recruiting nurses, there should be more information about them. Heller? :) Filipinos share news about good recruitment agencies. it would’ve spread like a wild fire the moment retrogression took place last 2005. this is just my opinion. I can actually be wrong, u know. Please do more researches so u can be sure of what you’re getting yourself into. J it's a crazy world out there! :) much better if you have relatives or friends in Alabama. U can have them check out the exact address (not telephone numbers). They did not actually post their address in their website. God bless… J
  12. pinoynars

    Retaking NCLEX_RN

    Saunders and KAPLan are good review materials. try to find the Exam-cram Q&A, too! they really helped me... if you have enough money, u can always go to the Philippines. hehehe! we have good review centers that can help you! :)
  13. there's no place like home... yes, life can be so good in the US and other countries but the best things in life are free and they're in the Philippines! :) money can't buy them... :)
  14. Good day people! I would like to ask anyone if there are sure job offers in new zealand after going on an eight-week study? is it hard to find a job there for nurses? i am considering of going with a student visa but still quite hesitant because there are some rumors that some nurses are getting unemployed because the number of filipino nurses is increasing. please help me decide. :) my ielts will expire by april 2008 so i have a little time to decide. soo confused. thank you... God bless! :)