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  1. jseitzinger

    "When Was the Last Time I Wow'ed a Patient?"

    Thank you for your honesty. The world is so changing and it expects us to remeber, "don't say that, don't do that, don't look like that. Wow, how about do your job and do it like you are working for God not the world.
  2. I am 52 years old and can now go back to school because all of my kids are grown and I'm not sure how to even start? I would like to be an LPN but would it be better to just go all the way and become a Nurse? I have always wanted to be one. I started school out of High School and became pregnant with children so stayed home and didn't get to finish. So if anyone could give this old lady some advice, I would sure appreciate it. Thank you
  3. jseitzinger

    LPN vs RN - serious question about differences

    I am 48 and want to be an RN (Yes age bugs me) but would it be better to start with an LPN license and then work into a RN?