Tech Schooling or Community College


I am 52 years old and can now go back to school because all of my kids are grown and I'm not sure how to even start? I would like to be an LPN but would it be better to just go all the way and become a Nurse? I have always wanted to be one. I started school out of High School and became pregnant with children so stayed home and didn't get to finish. So if anyone could give this old lady some advice, I would sure appreciate it.

Thank you


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Hello! Congratulations on having the opportunity to finally go after your dream! As for your question: do you have time or do you have money? People normally choose the CC because it is less expensive than a tech school but often at the expense of time. Doing your pre reqs can take a while and sometime there are waiting list to get into a CC nursing program, sometimes years long and you need an extremely high GPA to even be competitive (sometime 3.5 isn't even high enough.) Tech schools are faster, normally 12-18 months, and they are costly (20-30k) and you have to do diligent research to make sure the school is accredited. In the end it just depends on where you are in your life and what you can afford. Good luck on your journey!


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I am currently enrolled through an Adult Education program through BOCES (continuing education) I'm not sure where you are located but I totally recommend it. I'm 33, a full time student, work full time and a mom and wife. It's fast paced, 12 months, but we are accredited, and all of our hours/credits are transferable to an LPN/RN bridge program. We also get bumped to the top of the waiting lists for RN programs (depending on GPA). Cost is very reasonable $ 11k the only thing it doesn't cover is the cost of our NCLEX. Hope this helps. I'm in Western NY