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  1. armywifenurse

    Home assessments

    Do any of you know of companies that hire nurses to do home assessments, field assessments, underwriting, etc. I am thinking along the lines of life insurance, LTD insurance companies, etc. Thank you in advance.
  2. armywifenurse

    indepenent nurse assessor

    This interests me very much as well. Wish there were more nurses on this board with experience in this area that could provide some insight.
  3. armywifenurse

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    I am very sorry to hear this. This exam is incredibly hard to study for and it just didn't happen for you this time. Stay strong and positive. Things will look up for you and the 3rd time will be a charm. Monique
  4. armywifenurse

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    My only recommendation when taking the test is to relax, read each questions carefully, eliminate those answers which could not possibly be correct, and then use your nursing judgement to determine which of the options left should be done first, are most important, etc...(based on hierchy of need). This is not a test that you can memorize everything for. It seems that you have done your share of studying, leave the rest in God's hands. I wish you luck.
  5. armywifenurse

    Life Insurance/Long Term Care Insurance Assessments

  6. armywifenurse

    Reimbursement Expenses for CM's who work at home.

    All excellent questions. I look forward to the responses as I am considering working from home.
  7. Do any of you know of companies that hire nurses to do their assessments for life insurance/long term care insurance policies? I have done this in the past to make some extra money and loved it. I love my case management job, but a little extra $ doesnt hurt =)
  8. armywifenurse

    RN working for insurance company?

    I too am interested in performing assessments/physicals for life insurance or long term disability companies. I have done this in the past for extra money and loved it. Any companies you could share would be great!
  9. armywifenurse

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    My understanding is that you still have to sit for the exam, as that is the only way to become certified. From the people I have talked to that did the Kaplan program, it did not prepare them any moreso than studying on their own for the exam. Good luck!
  10. armywifenurse

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    I passed as well!!!! Relief!!!!
  11. armywifenurse

    CM salary?

    When I first started my current job a couple years ago, my starting salary as a Case Manager was around $65,000. That is considering I had little experience as a CM (approx 1 year).
  12. armywifenurse

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    Just took the test on Friday. I studied like a mad woman, and was surprised at how little the test touched on some topics. There was lots of psych questions.... counseling, drug addiction (AA), DSM's, etc. A few questions on HMO's/PPO's, and quite a few on the case management process...interpersonal skills (communication), the order of how to do things, etc. My question for the rest of you is how long to expect the results to be ready? I think a previous poster wrote 2-4 weeks. Is that pretty reasonable?
  13. armywifenurse

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    I am scheduled to take the text next week. I am nervous! I have read the CM Handbook front to back, have made flash cards, and have practiced with a CD-ROM. I think I am ready....wish me luck!
  14. armywifenurse

    CPHC exam

    What is the CPHC exam? I have never heard of it.
  15. armywifenurse

    Insurance Assessments

    Probably not the right spot to post, but was unsure where so here goes: Are any of you familiar with companies that hire nurses to go out and do health assessments for Life Insurance and Long Term Disability/In home help companies?
  16. armywifenurse

    What is the difference regarding Case managers handbook?

    I was wondering the same thing and also curious if anyone has a copy they would like to sell????