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  1. joseywales22

    kaplan vs hurst

    just wondering which is better: kaplan or hurst??? i failed four times!!!! i want to pass this time. please help! I used drexel,hurst, and kaplan. I over study for it, but I felt I had to pass to the first time( plus my hospital provided reimbursement for long of them) if I had limited time to prepare I would use kaplan because drexel and hurst are good, but mainly focused on content. kaplan is more focused on how to beat the questions (breaking the questions into the stem and focusing the answers on that stem) __there are alot of right answers listed but focus on the answers that go with the stem__. I answered 78 questions, but I took my time (~3hrs) good luck and you can crack it take your time!!!
  2. joseywales22

    Remember to exercise

    that p 90x is tough I love it but I could not complete it. good luck this summer take care, Dustin C. RN
  3. joseywales22

    Nursing procedures paid line item

    ??? I am researching if amy hospital make to public pay for nursing procedures as a line item on their bills? thanks, dozer