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  1. student81

    Grady Nurses Salary

    Can any experienced nurses name their hourly at Grady, I am interviewing soon and would like an idea on what I can ask for as far as pay, thanks in advance :)
  2. student81

    Northside hospital Atlanta

    Thanks ! Marshall1
  3. student81

    Northside hospital Atlanta

    Any info on this hospital would be great, ex: pay, shift differentials, work environment etc. I have one year med surge experience, I will be interviewing with northside soon. Thank you :)
  4. student81

    Rn per deim and full time pay

  5. student81

    Rn per deim and full time pay

    Can anyone give me an update on the market in the Atlanta and metro area, as far as full time pay and per deim rates, I am relocating because of my husbands career, I was an LPN for 5 years and an RN 6 months in Med surge, I also have psych and drug detox experience. Also do you guys think I will have a hard time finding work?
  6. student81


    Phengro thanks for responding I live in middlesex county, do you want to exchange email?
  7. student81


    Anyone looking for a study partner for cpne in NJ?
  8. student81

    Failed fcca

    I know:( good luck to you to:)
  9. student81

    Health Safety

    I think the practice exams and the required chapters are your best bet the questions come straight from the 2, I passed every test with no repeats 3 weeks of studying average.
  10. student81

    Failed fcca

    cj dont feel bad I failed the assessment fcca and i know how you feel its a very confusing assessment because you have no feedback where you are going wrong, however I decided to start studying for my cpne now so that when im done maybe I can apply for a cancelation date. :)
  11. student81


    cool I live in South Plainfield, can you PM me?
  12. student81

    Info lit

    Can anyone tell me how I can complete the info lit requirement since im hearing that we can no longer use Penn Foster?
  13. student81


    Anyone in NJ wanna prepare for the CPNE together?
  14. student81

    Excelsior NJ

    jinmoreno77 Are you done the the program yet?
  15. student81

    lpn to rn excelsior ny metro westchester area

    How far along are you in the program?
  16. student81

    November fcca

    I am starting this month my email is akm2681@hotmail.com what city are you located?