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  1. LovePurple

    CCRN exam

    were you breezing through her questions before you took the test or did you still have your doubts? Did you "feel ready" when you went to take it?
  2. LovePurple

    Just passed CCRN ask me anything!

    Hey Congratulations! That's great! I went to Gasparis' conference and have her green book with questions to study from. I'm going to try to take it in the next week or so (last minute scheduler) =) Do you find it most important to just drill questions? Do you feel an additional investment of the pass ccrn with cd of questions would make or break acceptable studying? Thanks!
  3. LovePurple

    CCRN exam

    Do you think studying strictly from the Laura Gasparis green book with all the questions and rationales would be enough along with the self assessment test they have on the aacn website? I've already invested so much money into study materials in that and her conference.. I would love a cd form of questions but spending that much more money again is just getting to be rough. Esp with Christmas coming up.
  4. LovePurple

    Can an American RN be a travel nurse in Canada?

    hello, currently looking to move and work as a RN in toronto from US.. I have my ADN and a bachelors degree, however the bachelors is not in nursing. Would that count?
  5. LovePurple

    New to CCU

    Just transferred from a cardiac/tele floor to CCU. I'm in my 4th week of orientation and just wanted to introduce myself. I've already found such great information here.. I hope to learn as much as possible! Let the homework begin =)
  6. LovePurple

    Is working twd BSN worth it? Will ADN do?

    personal satisfaction is pretty much it. I'm never really complacent. I'm satisfied and thankful with my success this far, but always ready and willing to expand and move forward. =) oh yeah- we def know he'll have sig debt. We already do from my schooling, and his schooling he's gone through so far. BUT we're living off my little RN wages now and paying off what we can, so we're pretty used to living on a little bit of nothing. It works for us. I actually did go ahead and register for the fall so I could get the classes I need. Had already applied for loans just in case I did want to go, because- well, I can't pay out of pocket for it right now.. so unless something changes, I'll be going for it. part of what pushed me to go ahead and register is the garbage we've had going on with my floor. The patient load is horrible. and my stress level has been going through the roof. It's making the FNP career look a lot more appealing. Yes, stressful, but a different kind of stress depending on the job. So who knows. Just taking it one day at a time. What will come will come. Life is too short, so I'm not going to dwell on it =) But def keep this thread going. I love to hear other's experiences and input! =) Thanks all!
  7. LovePurple

    Considering career as NP

    I'm in a similar position with work.. working on tele/stepdown unit for 3 years. Really seeing how burnt out you can get with the whole bedside nursing thing. I have my ADN and have a bachelors not in nursing. Thinking about competing my BSN next year (it'll take 3 semesters) and then possibly going straight through to FNP school. I'm definitely going to browse through the threads to see how everyone likes/dislikes being a NP vs a floor RN. Good luck to you all and keep me posted on how things are going for you all.
  8. LovePurple

    Is working twd BSN worth it? Will ADN do?

    Thanks guys for the response and encouragement. I'm definitely considering going for it. A little background though to let you see more of my hesitancy. For one, where I live you don't get paid anymore for a BSN vs ADN. None at all. So the only help it would seem would be if I decided to continue from there. We are talking on starting a family.. so school, work AND preparing for a new one .. I guess that school money is money I could be saving for the future. Then the big one for me.. my husband is applying to med school for next year.. so if all goes well, by the time he's done with school I can just work per diem.. therefore making it not even necessary for me to continue my ed.. except only just for my own satisfaction only. =) So while without knowing that it's a simple decision to continue.. but when I think hey- I can just go per diem once he's done.. I'd almost rather have the time off work to relax vs doing so much school work and papers. Still considering that, just wanted to add a little more background =) Thanks again guys!
  9. I have my ADN and have been working as a registered nurse for 3 years now. I've applied and been accepted into a BSN program. I could get it done in 3 semesters.. going full time of course. I'm happy with my job and don't know that the added stress of school would really be worth it, plus def would put another even bigger hole in the student loan folder. Other than the level of accomplishment once completed... that right now seems to be the only thing saying "DO IT" anyone done this? Thoughts? Input? would of course eventually probably work twd MSN-FNP if I did continue, just because I'm that kind of person.. as most of us nurses are. =) LOL
  10. LovePurple

    RN & Pregnant?

    Nope, not me. But doing some research before we decide to add to our family. My husband and I don't have any kids yet and I was wondering how being pregnant affected your work on the floor with 12 hour shifts. Any tips, tricks, experiences appreciated!
  11. LovePurple

    Nursing doesnt define you

    Love this thread and couldn't agree more. I won't add anyone from work on my fb page because I want to leave work at work and home at home. I do not want nursing to define me, because if I did.. I would be a very stressed and exhausted person LOL So when not at work my husband and I are total gym rats =) We also love to watch movies. Anything we can do together - we do. and I love it!!
  12. LovePurple

    If you love your job, what is your speciality?

    I do not love my actual job. it's VERY stressful, understaffed most of the time (but staffed per the numbers the acuity call for by hospital), the patient's require a lot of attention and needs, pulling you in up to 5-6 directions at one time... HOWEVER, the reason I like my job is because I have a great management team! They are available whenever needed, are great with scheduling, and I know they have my back if I need them. That's why I like my current job.
  13. LovePurple

    Escort patients outside to smoke

    Where I used to work if pts went out to smoke, that was their decision but we had no part in it. We would advise them not to and let them know the health risks and that they would not pick up on the monitor if they went outside (and something happened to them, we would not know). If they still went, that was their choice, but we just documented what we told them to cover our end!
  14. LovePurple

    Is anyone a nurse extern in huntington wv?

    I am an RN and actually did the reverse commute, from Charleston driving to Huntington.. it does get old REAL fast! I definitely wish I would have been an extern during school! I think it would help a lot with the transition into becoming a nurse!
  15. LovePurple

    no regular schedule

    the thing that really sucks about this statement.. is that I don't feel anything should be like this!! A job wrecking havic on family time.. no thank you! My husband is my #1! I don't feel like I should have to put up with a job that leaves us with no time together, me cranky, and never sleeping at the same time. =( i would love to be a nurse, with have yet to find a happy situation that i can have a life outside of work... it sucks....