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  1. RedZeppelinRN

    which stethoscope is best

    I have an Andromed stethescope. I have to take out my in the canal hearing aids to use the stethoscope. It is a both taking out the hearing aids and putting them back in. Any thoughts on this?
  2. RedZeppelinRN

    Hospital math tests during orientation?

    This appears to be a good way to reduce medication errors.
  3. RedZeppelinRN

    Horrible hospital experience!

    I had a similar experience. Had an arthroscopy of my shoulder. Surgeon absolutely perfect. It was supposed to be an outpatient surgery. My heart rate was high for some reason. So my doctor sent me to the floor to be observed for awhile. I am a small person and when I called for help to go pee, guess what, the cna told me that she could not help me up and offered a bedpan which was not useful. Finally after awhile, a traveler nurse helped me to the BR. My only concern was losing my balance, I had no other limitations. I called a nurse friend and we told the charge nurse "we are gone." After a long wait this same traveler nurse came and started to remove my IV and got another call and left my partially removed IV dressing dangling. I finally had to take it out myself and chase down another cna get me a clean dressing. I had gone to the nurses station about 3 times and each time I was rudely told "I'll tell your nurse." Know that health care is becoming dangerous. The corporations are getting rid of experienced nurses, bringing foreign staff here. They are also breaking the jobs that nurses were trained for into bits and pieces of "tech jobs" so you really don't know what you are getting. May your father recover and heal from this nightmare.
  4. RedZeppelinRN

    My First Code

    Bless your heart. Great that you had the insight about adrenaline rush.
  5. RedZeppelinRN

    Conscious Sedation

    sorry to bother you.
  6. RedZeppelinRN

    Conscious Sedation

    Hi Buck: I am an RN. I have go for cautery endoscopy every six months for a rare disorder, AVM of the stomach or "watermelon stomach." I started out with this about 2-3 years ago when it developed and had severe anemia. The condition has been well controlled but is something I have to have for life. My concern now, does a doctor have to be present when conscious sedation is given? My concern arose when one of my last endoscopies, 2 nurses, I assume gave me my sedation medication and I started having s.o.b. Although they claimed my sats were 100 % and just pushed the rest of the medication. They apparently did not tell the doctor, and I forgot to tell him under the influence of the sedation. I did, the next day, report this incident to his nurse. Assuming any doctor wanted to be told of any problem, he became angry and defensive. Apparently he ordered an extra dose of 50 mg IV Benydrel that had caused my reaction. His nurse referred me to the manager of the endoscopy center. We talked and ended it by asking that the doctor to be in the room when medication was given. He was very sullen and there was no discussion with him the next endoscopy. Only a nurse stating "you won't be given any more IV Benadryl." Today, I was left in a very cold holding area for 1 hour and 45 minutes before they even took me in for my procedure. I was so cold I started to cry and called for a nurse. I could not find my call bell. When I was finally taken in for the procedure, I was told by 2 staff members, that they were "techs." 2 staff members who did not identify themselves showed me syringes of medication. I never saw the doctor any place, but of course he could have been standing behind me, so I could not really prove he was not in the room. I am thinking that I would try to get another doctor to perform my endoscopy cauteries. But I started thinking how difficult this would be with the years this doctor had been treating me. Even with another "corporate" hospital, they would have to have my history as documented for treatments. Would it be a good idea to get a copy of my medical records and read their documentation before I looked for a new doctor so I would know what I would be up against. Even though I would try for another hospital corporation doctor, I am sure they would want to know why I wanted to try and change doctors. As is well known, doctors all protect their own. I don't want to get into any legal entanglements. I would only want to drop this corporation and go to another. Any information you can throw my way, I would truly appreciate. Regards
  7. RedZeppelinRN

    Sharp Hospital

    Sharp is not the only hospital. SDSU, Alvarado, Scripps, Kaiser, Kindred. Rare to find a Caucasian nurse in nursing homes. There is a strong non-caucasian group that are deemed a "protected class" and new or Caucasian nurses have left nursing altogether because of it. I would ask for a tour of the area you are applying for and see for yourself. This group is very powerful and if one of them needs to be disciplined for poor patient care or other dangerous situations, it can be extremely difficult and stressful to report any wrongdoing. All I can say is, don't take my word for it. See it for yourselves. Caucasian minority is an understatement. Ask yourself why CEOs go to another country, sponsor them, and bring them here.
  8. RedZeppelinRN

    Best Hospital for New RN Graduates?

    if you are in san diego, sdsu has program for new grads only. also i think they have something similar at sharp hospital. good luck!
  9. RedZeppelinRN

    My First Code

    My first job in nursing was a teaching hospital. Green that I was, when I had witnessed and participated in so many codes, I realized these were terminal patients and this was a teaching hospital. Felt a little deflated at first thinking I was really not doing anything for the patient, I realized many people are alive today because of these teaching hospitals.
  10. Dishes: This is very good advice. I have attended a job interviewing and resume writing class. They stress that volunteering is a very good place to network. I did this at a hospital years ago, and subsequently renewed my nursing license and was hired in the hospital I volunteered at. I am planning on volunteering at one of the hospitals emergency rooms shortly. But I think you have to pack a gun. Just kidding. But I believe volunteering gives both the job seeker and employer a chance to put yourself out there and let the employer see what you can do for them.
  11. If you live in CA, San Diego specifically, SDSU has a program for new grads. So if you are an experienced nurse, forget it. I also had a recruiter at another hospital tell me I would I would be competing with new grads. It seems you can't win. All I can say is never give up. You never know when another alternative will come up. Just happened to me in another healthcare related field. Best wishes.
  12. RedZeppelinRN

    UCSD - age discrimination

    Good point, Leslie.
  13. RedZeppelinRN

    UCSD - age discrimination

    I don't know how they could make an approximate estimate if you have taken time out, raised kids, did not work in nursing for certain periods of time. It is just a curiousty. I really have no intention of refiling again. It is known around San Diego to be "Little Manila." A protected class I am told that seems to reign in all the hospitals.
  14. RedZeppelinRN

    UCSD - age discrimination

    No. But I believe date of graduation could easily provide a close approximation to age.
  15. RedZeppelinRN

    UCSD - age discrimination

    This question always comes at the very last of your application. Your resume shows your work history.
  16. RedZeppelinRN

    UCSD - age discrimination

    Just curious. In the past when I have posted resumes with UCSD, at the end of the application, it asks for the year you graduated as an RN. Is this a way to get around age discrimination?