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  1. pumpkinhead

    Furosemide... too much?

    Maybe she was hinting at lasix and hypokalemia?
  2. pumpkinhead

    Jobs during Nursing school/ How do you afford this??

    Combination of savings, loans, plan to work part time, and have a supportive husband who is doing side work to bring more money in. We've also changed our lifestyle in little ways here and there that seem to add up.
  3. pumpkinhead

    Buying a laptop

    I'm not really very knowledgeable about computers but... I did some research and bought a macbook and I love it! I got the mid-level regular macbook (not the macbook pro) with a student discount and it was pretty reasonable. In my opinion, it's the perfect size for travel.
  4. Here's a question... how far in debt will you be when nursing school is all said and done? How many years are you spending in school? BSN or RN? I will be $38,000 in debt after two years to earn an RN. This accounts for books and tuition and the loans I have to take to supplement my income and pay my bills while I'm working only part time. Wow, career changes are expensive...
  5. I just want to say that I'm sorry. I think you're doing the right thing by taking the final anyway. I'm not sure how it works... but can you repeat the clinical portion? I know it's not ideal for you but it sounds like your confidence is down because of this whole ordeal. Maybe repeating the course will help boost your confidence before moving on. Best of luck to you.
  6. pumpkinhead

    How long did you stay in school?

    6 years for me (so far). I am starting nursing this fall so that's 2 more years for an AS then 1 or 2 more for the BSN then whatever I pursue after that. 10... 12...total? But I look at it this way - if I don't do it because it's going to take a long time then time is going to pass anyway and I just won't have anything to show for it.
  7. pumpkinhead

    GCC Nursing Program

    You are brave... I don't even want to know what books are going to cost. It will just stress me out!
  8. pumpkinhead


    Thanks, Lisa. Congrats to you as well! I'm very excited and I can't wait for classes to start!
  9. pumpkinhead

    Quit nursing school?

    First of all, I'm so sorry you're struggling with this during what is supposed to be the best time of your life (college). I'm new to nursing school and have not started clinical yet so I have no specific advice there. But I did have a similar experience that I will share... I went through the awkward college years when I was pursuing my first degree. I always preferred studying alone with a book... no crowds, no groups, no speaking in front of a group, and definitely no doing things with others watching (and in my mind... judging my every move). It wasn't until years later that I was able to overcome this by having more confidence in myself. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. It just gives you more material to learn from. Try to figure out if you've lost your passion for nursing because you're having difficulties - or if you're having difficulties because you've lost your passion. Have you considered talking to a counselor? I think they could really help navigate you through all of these feelings. In the meantime, don't be so hard on yourself and I personally would like to see you post at least two things that you do WELL.
  10. pumpkinhead

    can i really do this? sorry, long

    Don't give up so easily. It seems perfectly natural to be nervous at this stage. You seem very dedicated to studying and being prepared and that will get you a long way. Maybe if you visualize yourself doing the procedure before you enter the room, the questions will come to you then?
  11. pumpkinhead

    Helene Fuld Camden Co. Nj

    I received a letter from them a few days ago saying they are full for Fall 08 and that I'll be considered for Spring 09. (But I have decided to go to GCC in the Fall.) Did you try calling them? I'm sure they'd tell you whether acceptance letters were mailed yet.
  12. A combination of the following: 1. Federal student loan for tuition and books. 2. Private student loan to help supplement my income. I wish I didn't have to do this because it costs so much to borrow money with a private student loan. But, for a two year program my husband and I decided to bite the bullet. 3. Savings. We saved up a pretty big emergency fund because with a mortgage to pay and me working only part time it's a bit scary! Unfortunately we do not qualify for grants but I'm applying for scholarships and hoping some of those come through.
  13. pumpkinhead

    What does your nursing uniform look like?

    I don't have my uniform yet but I've been told it's white scrubs and white shoes... I hope the cut of it is flattering!
  14. pumpkinhead

    Nurses don't do anything!

    I've been told (by non-nurses) that all a nurse does is give shots and change beds. And then asked... why would you want to do that?? I plan on doing so much with my nursing career and I can't wait to prove them wrong!
  15. pumpkinhead

    got accepted, but might have to pass! need help!

    I just noticed your last post. Sounds like something worked out. That's great!!!
  16. pumpkinhead

    got accepted, but might have to pass! need help!

    I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. Is there any way to defer your acceptance? Even if you have to wait a year before starting at least there would be light at the end of the tunnel and if you can defer then maybe you won't have to go through the application process again. Good luck and keep us posted!