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  1. Do you need these nurses or staff people to do your job? More than likely you don’t. Ignore them and do your job. Don’t let the likes of people like that run you away from a job you like. That’s what they want and I wouldn’t let them mess with my money or job opportunity unless they were somehow able to put my license at risk. Run from here and likely you’ll always be running because no place is perfect and you’ll just encounter the same type of people somewhere else. There are difficult people and cliques in every job. It may be hard not to feel supported and have to deal with wannabe workplace bullies, but in today’s time I feel you’ve got to stand up for yourself regardless of being seen as an outcast. People love to pick with someone that they believe is timid. This isn’t grade school and some people need a professional reminder to grow up. Maybe you can tell your DON again and be sure to put it in writing. If all else fails. Next, although uncomfortable, I believe you have to begin to address your bullies head on. In a professional way of course. People often don’t know how to take that when they’re use to someone being passive. What’s the worst they can do for you speaking your mind and standing up for yourself? At the end of the day, you don’t have to take these people home with you and what they think doesn’t count in the grander scheme of things.
  2. MInurse2b

    President Trump and the First Lady Test COVID Positive

    I think your missing the point. This man Never wore one. Don’t try to downplay the protective capabilities of wearing a mask. Although it’s not 100% fool proof the chances of contracting the virus with everyone doing their part is almost zilch. It’s the lack thereof that is the problem. The fact someone would be so prideful and take this lightly in the face of what we’ve all seen shows how ignorant and foolish people are...both those that won’t wear one and those who downplay some of the only forms of protection we have to bring this virus under control and stomp it out.
  3. MInurse2b

    Has anybody else switched from an RN job to a CNA job?

    And I was doing the same. True, she should be cautious. I was just adding to what she said. As for some ppl not saying she has no right to stop being a nurse, it seems there are a few ppl judging her decision. Nursing like anything else isn’t necessarily for everyone. Yeah she’s choosing a way lower paying job, and honestly some of us probably can’t understand why given all of the different types of nursing opportunities out there. But hey, maybe she’s got it made monetarily and doesn’t need nursing for the money. Either way, nothing beats having a peace of mind, not having the same pressure about malpractice hanging over your head, and feeling happy and content about your career choice.
  4. MInurse2b

    Has anybody else switched from an RN job to a CNA job?

    If she allows her license to lapse that isn’t necessarily true. She would be held to the standards of her CNA position. As long as she upholds the requirements that a CNA is expected to do, she can’t legally be held accountable to do what the RN role requires (ie. calling a physician in place of the RN if something is wrong, adverse events, documenting like an RN should, etc.). At best she should cover herself noting if she did have to “inform” the RN of any adverse changes, etc. But she doesn’t have to perform the RN role. If she actually wants out of nursing that’s her right. Just ensure you let your license lapse.
  5. I agree, we definitely need to double check behind administrators also. Clearly something is either wrong with the protocol in place or the nurse misinterpreted it. But either way, I think the administrators should still be able to tell this person what the ramifications will be if the surgeon doesn’t sign the order. They are actually responsible to follow up and determine what needs to happen in a situation like this.
  6. Sounds like you really need to review the protocol in detail and become more familiar with it. And, seek clarification especially when it comes to dealing with narcs. Saying it was a verbal order when you didn’t actually receive one is irresponsible and error on your part. Part of being a nurse means unfortunately dealing with some difficult, not so nice doctors but that should never stand in the way of protecting yourself, your license, and of course the patient. So make the call to clarify when in doubt no matter how silly it might sound. What’s the worst they can do to you? And who do you think the board or law will side with if they see you were just doing due diligence to clarify in order to be safe? They get paid probably triple what you do...make them do their job. If you don’t, then you’ll find yourself in situations like this. Your supervisor/DON should know the answer on the ramifications and give you guidance if the surgeon doesn’t sign it. For med errors/sentinel events in my facility, typically we would have to file a report. A clinical staff reviews it and determines the seriousness and if any disciplinary action should be taken. It is more as a teachable moment rather than just trying to penalize staff unless they were clearly and extremely negligent. It also helps identify and fix errors or inconsistencies in protocols/policies which could lead others to make similar mistakes. This error doesn’t necessarily mean your going to lose your license...that might be jumping the gun. But you should ensure it doesn’t happen again. In the meantime, sounds like you should direct this question towards your supervisor/leadership for a more accurate answer as to what could happen and guidance on how to handle this.
  7. And when did I call her insane? Read and get your facts straight. I clearly responded to what someone said about this being an “insane profession.” If your concerned about being able to have a discussion without the use of “derogatives” then start addressing the people who make the derogatory comments. Then they won’t warrant responses like mine. If me saying this person needs a psych eval was derogatory, well that was my personal opinion because it seems professional help might me needed to determine the cause of this persons fixation and obsession on this one patient which she admits has become quite unhealthy and possibly crossed boundaries. Maybe this patient even reminds her of someone close or there’s other underlying reasons. There’s no nicer way to put it.
  8. Well it’s not the profession that’s “insane,” you mean it’s some of the people working in it. It’s not for everyone especially those who can’t honor and uphold nursing ethics and codes of conduct.
  9. MInurse2b

    All Wcccd Nursing Students

    It is quite surprising that a chapter hasn't been started at our school long ago considering all of the perks and opportunities. Plus, it is something that looks pretty good on the resume. I personally considered just joining on my own before I found this thread. The membership fee for new members is $30 for the year but increases during renewal. They also offer the option to pay for two years upfront for $70. Will the fee be cheaper if a chapter is started through the college?
  10. MInurse2b

    WCCCD 2nd semester nursing students

    good luck to everyone!:w00t:
  11. MInurse2b

    A&P I and II in same semester

    Hey look at it this way, your gpa won't suffer. You know what you can handle. But it could have surely been too difficult. One bonus of taking those classes together though is that it gives you some insight into the course load of nursing school. The content is heavy and you must have good study skills. I know how you feel about wanting to get it all done. But this extra bit of time you have to prepare is also valuable in other ways. I took my pre-nursing time to build up my finances and to travel a bit. It helped since I'm able to focus on my studies without having to work.
  12. MInurse2b

    What path should I take?

    What's your ultimate career goal? The amount of schooling depends upon this. Say you want to become a CRNA then you'll definitely need a BSN to apply to the program. If you don't mind just working on a floor and not moving up into management then depending upon your state the ADN program may be sufficient. I understand that in some states there is a grave difference in what ADN and BSN nurses get paid. It just depends upon what your goals in nursing are. As for becoming a CNA, if you don't have medical experience and/or are challenged by whether you really want to do nursing or not I think that is a good place to start. Working as a cna or dcw can help prepare you. Good luck.
  13. MInurse2b

    To Clep or Not to Clep ???

    Honestly I've never heard of Excelsior. Are you already a nurse? If so and your applying to U of Phoenix then I wouldn't bother with retaking the class unless your gpa is too low. Generally they'll accept anyone for the RN to BSN program. If your just starting out in nursing, your probably aware that you can't earn a nursing degree through an online school. It would be nice though:)
  14. MInurse2b

    A&P I and II in same semester

    When I was preparing for NS I took A&PII, Micro and Nutrition together in the summer! This meant I had to cover everything in fewer weeks. All I can truly say is...WHEW!! And I'd never do it again! But I made it through and got an "A" in all of those courses! I did that because I needed to speed up my rate of completing classes so I could apply. If your not in a crunch to apply then I'd recommend not doing it. If you have a lot of obligations to work, family, etc it may be too difficult. In that case, it is best to take your time so you can keep improving your grades slowly. They don't care if you completed two classes or five classes at one time...they are looking at your grades. I'm at WCCCD (ADN program) and the cut off admission gpa was 3.4.
  15. MInurse2b

    how does it look repeating classes?

    Are you officially admitted into the program? If the course lowers your gpa and could harm your chances of getting admitted then it might be best to retake it. It also depends upon what class you have to repeat. The BSN program is especially competitive. They look heavily at your pre-and-coreqs more than just the university requirements. Heavy emphasis is mainly put on your sciences and required nursing courses. A good thing may be to speak this over with your advisor. Definitely press harder to keep your pre and coreq grades up.
  16. MInurse2b

    To Clep or Not to Clep ???

    Generally Clepping only awards a pass or fail. It would be lovely if you passed a Clep exam and they'd just give you an A, LOL. Unfortunately you earn no points towards your g.p.a. You just earn the credits. So if your trying to bring up your pre-req g.p.a. or grades period it might be better just to take the class. Likewise, if your trying to prevent your g.p.a. from going down and you didn't care much for the subject then Clep out.