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  1. MInurse2b

    All Wcccd Nursing Students

    It is quite surprising that a chapter hasn't been started at our school long ago considering all of the perks and opportunities. Plus, it is something that looks pretty good on the resume. I personally considered just joining on my own before I found this thread. The membership fee for new members is $30 for the year but increases during renewal. They also offer the option to pay for two years upfront for $70. Will the fee be cheaper if a chapter is started through the college?
  2. MInurse2b

    WCCCD 2nd semester nursing students

    good luck to everyone!:w00t:
  3. MInurse2b

    A&P I and II in same semester

    Hey look at it this way, your gpa won't suffer. You know what you can handle. But it could have surely been too difficult. One bonus of taking those classes together though is that it gives you some insight into the course load of nursing school. The content is heavy and you must have good study skills. I know how you feel about wanting to get it all done. But this extra bit of time you have to prepare is also valuable in other ways. I took my pre-nursing time to build up my finances and to travel a bit. It helped since I'm able to focus on my studies without having to work.
  4. MInurse2b

    What path should I take?

    What's your ultimate career goal? The amount of schooling depends upon this. Say you want to become a CRNA then you'll definitely need a BSN to apply to the program. If you don't mind just working on a floor and not moving up into management then depending upon your state the ADN program may be sufficient. I understand that in some states there is a grave difference in what ADN and BSN nurses get paid. It just depends upon what your goals in nursing are. As for becoming a CNA, if you don't have medical experience and/or are challenged by whether you really want to do nursing or not I think that is a good place to start. Working as a cna or dcw can help prepare you. Good luck.
  5. MInurse2b

    To Clep or Not to Clep ???

    Honestly I've never heard of Excelsior. Are you already a nurse? If so and your applying to U of Phoenix then I wouldn't bother with retaking the class unless your gpa is too low. Generally they'll accept anyone for the RN to BSN program. If your just starting out in nursing, your probably aware that you can't earn a nursing degree through an online school. It would be nice though:)
  6. MInurse2b

    A&P I and II in same semester

    When I was preparing for NS I took A&PII, Micro and Nutrition together in the summer! This meant I had to cover everything in fewer weeks. All I can truly say is...WHEW!! And I'd never do it again! But I made it through and got an "A" in all of those courses! I did that because I needed to speed up my rate of completing classes so I could apply. If your not in a crunch to apply then I'd recommend not doing it. If you have a lot of obligations to work, family, etc it may be too difficult. In that case, it is best to take your time so you can keep improving your grades slowly. They don't care if you completed two classes or five classes at one time...they are looking at your grades. I'm at WCCCD (ADN program) and the cut off admission gpa was 3.4.
  7. MInurse2b

    how does it look repeating classes?

    Are you officially admitted into the program? If the course lowers your gpa and could harm your chances of getting admitted then it might be best to retake it. It also depends upon what class you have to repeat. The BSN program is especially competitive. They look heavily at your pre-and-coreqs more than just the university requirements. Heavy emphasis is mainly put on your sciences and required nursing courses. A good thing may be to speak this over with your advisor. Definitely press harder to keep your pre and coreq grades up.
  8. MInurse2b

    To Clep or Not to Clep ???

    Generally Clepping only awards a pass or fail. It would be lovely if you passed a Clep exam and they'd just give you an A, LOL. Unfortunately you earn no points towards your g.p.a. You just earn the credits. So if your trying to bring up your pre-req g.p.a. or grades period it might be better just to take the class. Likewise, if your trying to prevent your g.p.a. from going down and you didn't care much for the subject then Clep out.
  9. MInurse2b

    Volunteer Work?

    It's certainly valuable to have some medical experience under your belt. It helps you to better relate to your patients, get accustomed to the operations of the hospital/nursing facilities and the jargon, plus it tests your ability to handle 'guts and gore'. When do you apply to NS? Volunteer work is a bonus. But your application will be impressive and tells a lot by your g.p.a., test scores, and often times they look at the dedication you have to whatever kind of work you do. If you don't have any classes in the summer, see if you could volunteer a few hours then. Plus the kids should be out of school then. Also you could possibly find a volunteer site where you could take the kids along.
  10. I posted the picture of the vial label because I wanted you students to see that each of those bottles contains 10 milliliters. :thnkg: However, there are 1000 UNITS in this bottle. I'm guessing that the confusion between mls and units was probably why ONLY insulin can be used in the orange-topped syringes and NO OTHER TYPE of syringe is to be used to give insulin. So there you have your first online mini-clinical.....I knew it'd make you jump for joy...:hpygrp:
  11. MInurse2b

    all day in school

    Whew! When would you have time to truly study?? Also there would be no time to decompress and relax a bit. That's too intense and why I went for the ADN program over the Accelerated BSN. I suppose M-F 8-5 isn't that bad depending upon how much content the instructor plans to cover.
  12. It's pretty hard to explain in writing but I hope I can help. I use the other formula D/A x Q instead of the proportion depending on what the problem asks for. I don't want to confuse you but first things first...always read the problem then sift out the distractors. My instructor taught me to always look at the stem of the question first and figure out "what is the question asking you for?" I'll just try demonstrating what I'm talking about for the first question. In the first problem it could ask you for many things (ie. mL/hr, etc.) but in the stem it asks you for "how many mL's" of KCl you'll have to add to your IV bag. So you now know your strictly looking for mL's - and this eliminates looking at that distracting '100 mL/hr' - the question has nothing to do with that. In any case, this becomes a simple problem of: dose ordered ------------- x Quantity (per amount in bottle) Amount on hand So...doc ordered 10meq. Your bottle of KCl is 40 meq in 20mL Plug it in and you'll end up with 5 mL. *edit* After looking at the second problem the stem only asks for units so you'd just add the two insulins together. I'm not much of a teacher but I hope this helps a bit.
  13. MInurse2b

    preparing for school

    Hi, I'm at WCCCD. Even though it's a two year program it is pretty accelerated. How long are your classes at Macomb? Congrats on getting into NS! :cheers: Certainly work on your conversions (ie. apothecary chart, metric/english, etc) and most definitely memorize your formulas because you'll probably be calculating flow rates. It will be a true weight off your shoulders. Good luck!
  14. MInurse2b

    This is going to be my mantra for nursing school!

    LOL! Good question. I'm still trying to figure this out. I suppose people feel intimidated by others success in the program. I understand everyone wants to pass (esp with good grades) but I guess some people are just use to being the only one on top :)
  15. MInurse2b

    preparing for school

    I think enjoying your break and family while you can is vital b/c once school starts there isn't as much down time. I've taken some time out though to get familiar with the content early since it makes it easier to follow along later. I'm starting Med/Surg II and OB. All of my NS classes except Pharm are only about 8 wks long! I don't know about anyone elses program but mine requires a math competency exam first day of clinicals each semester....so you know the vacation break is the best time to pull out that Math for Meds book and refresh, refresh, refresh.
  16. MInurse2b

    eating on the go

    Both the Bento lunch box and Lean Cuisine lunch bag are great investments! Keeps dry and cool foods fresh. I try to eat a balanced breakfast especially on clinical morning and this ties me over. I carry also dry foods like breakfast bar, nuts, or cereal along with a whole fruit juice or V-8. Sometimes a whole piece of fruit (orange, apple or pear all uncut). Definitely drink lots of WATER, WATER, WATER even when I'm on the floor. My last clinical group would eat lunch in the cafe directly after we left the floor.

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