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  1. akoalaatemylion

    New Grad, joining the Navy and heading to ODS in August

    I have to second Jams, there are a few older posts in the archives about ODS experiences. I also found a cool wiki put together by physicians on their way to ODS: http://navyhpsp.net/wiki/ODS_Tips Hope that helps! Congratulations and good luck!
  2. akoalaatemylion

    Nursing student going 2 the Navy

    One of the best people to accurately answer your more technical questions is a Medical Officer Recruiter - you can find your most local recruiter here: http://www.navy.com/findarecruiter/ my recruiter is very straightforward and answers all my questions. I'm still an SN myself, but there are a few Nurse Corps folks on here who have shared their experiences and given great info on the "day to day" stuff - it shouldn't be too hard to find in the archives.
  3. akoalaatemylion

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    Are We Human by The Killers always makes a nursing montage run through my mind. "Will your system be alright? When you dream of home tonight There is no message we're receiving Let me know, is your heart still beating? Are we human, or are we dancer My sign is vital, my hands are cold And I'm on my knees looking for the answer"
  4. akoalaatemylion

    Did anyone move back home to attend nursing school?

    Yep! I hadn't planned on going back to school for another year, but got laid off and moved in with my parents to re-asses. I found a program near our home, and decided that the less debt, the better! I had been out of the house for 7 years, but we all get along okay.
  5. akoalaatemylion

    Anyone apply to the CSU San Marcos ABSN Program?

    :yeah:Hurrah! I just got my e-mail, too!!! I got into the Temecula cohort - someone/thing out there really is looking out for me! Riy2b - are you on the main campus? I'm out of town for Orientation - I hope that is okay - I will stay home if I have to, but it's an employment commitment, so I really hope they are okay with me maybe sitting down with an advisor to go over everything. I am super sad to miss a chance to meet everyone ahead of time, though!
  6. akoalaatemylion

    How many Programs did you apply to??

    I'm another CSUSM Accelerated BSN hopeful. I don't know why, but the fact that CSUSM is going to e-mail/call makes me more anxious about waiting. Now I will be checking my e-mail/voicemail obsessively as well as the mailbox.
  7. akoalaatemylion

    Navy NCP selectee!!

    Congratulations! I am working on my NCP packet now - I'm actually hoping that I come up before the board right around October for just this reason - NCP spots are given out on a rolling basis, so your chances are better at the beginning of the fiscal year. It's exciting to hear that they are willing to go over their projected number of spots, though. Best of luck - if nothing else, you'll be front of the line come October.
  8. akoalaatemylion

    TEAS and out of touch!!!!

    As previous poster mentioned - work with the ATI study guide, and you're golden. The test is just like the guide. There are no suprises or tricks to the exam. Good luck!
  9. akoalaatemylion

    Anyone apply to the CSU San Marcos ABSN Program?

    Me! Thanks, I didn't want to be the first to ask. I believe that the notification date is July 18th, based on CSUSM's extended learning site. http://www.csusm.edu/el/acceleratedbsn/how_to_apply.php I think it's so they can consider your summer courses when checking your prerequisites. If enrolled in summer classes, proof of registration was due June 25, so it gives them about three weeks to include that information and make descisions. (I'm currently enrolled in Child Development, CA Government, and Marriage&Family, myself) I have a classmate who applied to the traditional BSN, they were also given the date of July 18th, but told they might hear as early as the last week in June. If that applies to us as well, I wouldn't mind knowing a little sooner! Nerve-wracking isn't it? This is my only application, as I had intended to start the prereq process this upcoming year, but moved up plans due to a layoff. I'm kind of at loose ends if I don't start this Fall. Attending CSUSM also means being able to live at home, which is attractive as I've still got my first set of loans looming. Good luck! We can commiserate and countdown the days...:dzed:
  10. akoalaatemylion

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do

    Wow - it has taken me days to read over from the very beginning - but totally worth it for the wisdom I have gained. I am still a student, but I have worked with high schoolers in a summer program for many years, and they have taught me a few medical lessons as well... $50 is not worth scalding your tesicles when dared to stick them in a mug of hot water (perhaps they misinterpreted the meaning of "teabagging?" - especially when your mother then appropriates said $50 and makes you tell the story yourself to every doctor you have to see (and anyone else who asks). Don't leave contact lenses in for three weeks at a time. You might scratch your cornea, contract an eye infection and have to wear a large eye patch - while living in a dorm with 200 other kids aged 14-17, who tend not to be too sensitive about that kind of thing. If you have previously dislocated your shoulder, setting up a 'fight club' in your dorm lounge might not be a good idea - funny how it'll pop right back out again. ...and for the love of all that is holy, drink water and eat regular meals when you are traipsing about in hot, humid weather. It will freak people out when you and five other students pass out. In front of a Senate building. Next to the Capitol Police. They will call the Mass Casualty Vehicle to transport you. News crews will show up. Your advisors will be annoyed when you are asked what you had for breakfast and you reply "Diet Coke."
  11. akoalaatemylion

    Anyone take the TEAS exam, recently??? 4/2008

    I'm applying for a Second Degree/Accelerated BSN program and the TEAS is part of the "points" system for admission. We won't actually find out if we are in the program until July . Good luck to you, though!
  12. akoalaatemylion

    Anyone take the TEAS exam, recently??? 4/2008

    I took the TEAS a few weeks ago - The ATI study guide is pretty true to the test, and if you know the guide, you should do well. I didn't spend a lot of time on the science, and did terrible on chemistry and physical science questions. I did pretty well overall though, even though I've been too busy to work with the guide much. At my testing center (Cal State San Marcos), you can take the TEAS as many times as you want - you just have to pay for it each time. Hope this helps!
  13. akoalaatemylion

    Navy BEFORE or AFTER bsn???

    Just as more confirmation - the NCP is the best bet that I've found. My recruiter joined the navy to become a nurse, and she never did (though she is perfectly happy as a corpsman), because it is difficult to attend school and do your everyday job. I am also a second-degree-er looking at an ABSN - I do plan on financial aid and loans, but I think if accepted to the NCP, it would take a huge burden off (esp. since I moved back home to start this venture!). Have you gone through the paperwork yet? I'm currently working on mine. There's quite a pile!
  14. akoalaatemylion

    Microbiology-Spring 2008

    I am "crashing" both Micro and Anatomy this semester - got a late start on registration and both classes were closed. Fingers crossed that I get permission to take them both, trying to make the Fall 09 cohort of an Accelerated BSN.