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  1. Ohio or Texas

    How did salary in NM fare compare to the first place you practiced after leaving?
  2. Ohio or Texas

    Don't know about Ohio. Despite Texas' practice restrictions there are plenty of opportunities in the metro areas. Best of luck.
  3. Please help decide between Internal Med Clinic Vs Minute Clinic

    +1 on this.
  4. Please help decide between Internal Med Clinic Vs Minute Clinic

    Negotiate for productivity bonus.
  5. Please help decide between Internal Med Clinic Vs Minute Clinic

    Best you take this to an attorney. Trust me, best $300 you can spend.
  6. Please help decide between Internal Med Clinic Vs Minute Clinic

    The IM job gets my vote. I have a question. Were you told the IM position is 1099? Because being under contract doesn't translate to 1099, especially since you mention they offer benefits.
  7. what is your day like for nursing home/ALF visits?

    I self-contract with a physician that has patients at a several nursing homes. I'll be happy to answer your question: Start to finish. Since I am self-contracted I don't have a minimum number of encounters I need to make. This makes my rounds ex...
  8. Seems the governor of New Mexico is looking to recruit NPs to her state. The pitch seems to be what most on this board are after, less practice restrictions. Here's the article. http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/governor-seeks-money-...
  9. Anyone interested in moving to New Mexico?

  10. Anyone interested in moving to New Mexico?

    Thank you. I'll make sure and do that.
  11. How to find out insurance reimbursement rates by CPT code

    Yes. You are credentialed through the groups number. You essentially receive a billing number that is tied to the groups practice. If you leave the practice you will need to restart the credentialing process for your individual number.
  12. How to find out insurance reimbursement rates by CPT code

    Ask your employer for a copy of EOB's. This should list each patient and what rate is reimbursed by payor source. You can review each charge.
  13. Wound Care NP???

    I practice as wound care and hyperbaric medicine NP. I follow pts in hospital, LTACH, rehab, snf's and clinic. It's a great gig. It has a lot of upside. PM me with any questions. FYI, I also practice as a Hospitalist NP part time.
  14. Anyone interested in moving to New Mexico?

    I'm not familiar with the state. I may just have to vacation there with the family. It will give me an opportunity to get a feel for the area.Anyone familiar with the state have recommendations?
  15. Can't Keep Looking at the Bright Side (I just want to cry)

    Military? Maybe reserves?
  16. New grad NP and differential diagnoses

    This is not unusual as a new provider. I've been there, as I'm sure many others have as well. The learning curve is different for everyone, so don't be too hard on yourself. Best advice I can tell you is to focus on eliminating the diagnosis that are...
  17. What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    I hear what you're saying Jeanette. But there's a few things that need correcting. 1. Not all responders have overhead costs, i.e., clinic. I for one see my patients at various inpatient facilities. They include hospitals, LTACH's, Acute rehab fac...
  18. Value Based Purchasing

    Seems like CMS is moving from fee for service to something called "value based purchasing" for inpatient encounters. Anyone doing inpatient rounds have info on this?
  19. Work/Patient Ratio

    I had that type of patient load a few years back in an adult/geri clinic. Loved it. 15-17/day is awesome. Trauma, you are a machine! 42/day? Jeez. My highest mark for daily encounters is 37. The other mid-level was out one day on a family emergen...
  20. NP program vs DNP program

    I would think the MSN is more competitive than the DNP right now. Most nurses I know pursuing NP cert look for MSN programs first, DNP second. They mostly list the shorter program duration as a top reason.
  21. Can NP's self prescribe?

    I have never nor would ever self-prescribe. No matter how benign the drug may be. Don't do it. Texas DPS does random monitoring of controlled substances. DPS will search for last names that match, an easy way to find if you're prescribing to friends ...
  22. Work/Patient Ratio

    1. Texas 2. Hospital inpatient setting 3. 2-4/hr depending on complexity 4. Hours are start to finish.
  23. Got a Per Diem Hospice position

    Hospice and palliative care is going to be the next BIG thing. Many of the ACO's are ramping up by recruiting palliative and hospice trained providers. Congrats on the new job. I think it can be a great opportunity.
  24. Affordable Care Act- How it affects NPs

    Juan, you area wealth of knowledge. You are correct on the taxonomy issue. However, I believe the commercial insurance part of 100% reimbursement is somewhat more complicated. I don't know if the ACA is partially or fully responsible for NP reimbu...
  25. Goals & Objectives

    It's preferred treatment for hemochromatosis. Chelation if anemic. But I'm just messing with you. My tool bag doesn't have anything close to those you carry in yours sir. Cheers.