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  1. NeonateLVN

    I am content to be an LPN...is that wrong?

    Pagandeva, you had me LMAO...you go girl..took the words right outta my mouth..for I too have severe gastroenteritis at the thought of returning to school, lol
  2. NeonateLVN

    New Graduate LVN Offered Home Health Position but, Scared

    I'm glad I saw this post. I was just hired with a home health agency. My first patient will have trach and G-button. My agency did give me ventilator training as well. I am nervous for I have done one trach and that was in nursing school in '08. And I agree-they will not throw you to the sharks if they are a good agency. My orientation is next Monday and Tuesday for two 8 hour shifts with another LPN. They say if I am not comfortable, they will continue to orient me. I'm very nervous but I need to find a job that suits me as I have not been able to yet. Since I am a relatively new nurse still, I actually think this is alot easier than the LTC and Med/Surg I have worked in. I worked LTC with 28-58 patients (the 58 # is where an LVN didn't show up )and Med Surg where that can be up to 8-10 patients. Home care is one patient usually and you get to become an expert on the skills you are using with that patient. So to sum it all up, I'm nervous too....but I think it is a great start for us newbies. Hang in there. It's also better pay and you get so much satisfaction helping these fragile children. Good luck! p.s. I only have like 7 months experience
  3. NeonateLVN

    Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10

    Austin, TX area nursing agencies: 21.00-23.50/hr. This includes LTC, Med Surg, Home care... My agency is in Austin, TX but they have cases where I live here in the Killeen/Fort Hood area
  4. NeonateLVN

    Options for Nurses who HATE nursing.

    Marilyn mom, I've never thought about low level acuity psych.
  5. NeonateLVN

    Options for Nurses who HATE nursing.

    Blue Martian, of course you're not wrong! The point being what's right for each individual person or nurse. If your heart is in nursing, then it just is. I have the heart and compassion to care as well as the strength to see life and death but what I have seen behind the 'closed nursing doors' has deterred me. So I stick up for those who have the courage to speak out and consider changing careers. Seasoned nurses are hard on new nurses and worst when you want to leave it. Just as you found the devil in a blue dress in medical sales...some nurses have found that same thing in the area of nursing! I wish you luck in going back to nursing though! Because I enjoyed doing the skills but that's about it-so if it is your passion, then as you know, the opportunities are always there. So again good luck.
  6. NeonateLVN

    Options for Nurses who HATE nursing.

    Hello all, I'm glad to find that some people are able to speak their minds as far as their true feelings about nursing. One thing you ALL should know is. You obviously can't be in someone else's mind when they are expressing whether or not they like something. You have to really know yourself. I KNOW I don't like nursing anymore and I've only had my license a year. It's great to see all this encouragement now, I(trying to convince people to stay in nursing) but for some of us, it's a little too late. I'ved worked ER, corrections, and for an agency. Was I in each one long enough? Probably not-but by who's standards? If I don't like something, I know I don't. I am in a position though where I can be picky and don't necessarily 'have' to work. But if you don't like something, don't do it. Don't feel pressured. If you need a little confidence booster, then you come on allnurses because the majority of people on here won't support you if you decide it isn't for you. You'll get the answers like ones that have been said such as....you'll find butt heads wherever you go so it doesn't matter the job you have....blah blah blah. You know what true nurses do?They listen and I HEAR you when you say you are depressed, sick, and hate to go to work...I don't think that is new nurse jitters. So if you feel nursing isn't, do what YOU want to do. And at least know you have one person who feels your pain..... Good luck to all... Kimmie
  7. NeonateLVN

    Scared to work :(

    Wow. thanks to all of the inspirational posts. I too recently passed the NCLEX on my spouse's b-day (jan 8th) and now am considering working as a correctional nurse. I posted questions on another thread about people who have worked in corrections. I am nervous at being a newbie and everything that was said I believe ..that you don't know it all. And even the fact that I was an Army medic/EMT, have worked as a medical assistant, and nurses aide, still gives me little comfort. So I thank you guys for making us newbies not feel like total nut cases. My instructors were the opposite of other mentioned here-mine yelled at us regarding prioritizing, getting it together..and incorporated statements such as " I wouldn't want some people in this class to be my nurse". So whether it was rudeness or an attempt at an odd motivating tactic, it only added to the fear. But again, thanks to nurses for supporting other nurses, which makes me NOT believe the old adage-"nurses eat their young" you guys helped disprove that. Thanks, Kim, LVN
  8. Hello to all fellow nurses! I just received my LVN license this month (january 8th, 2009-yay!) and have found correctional nursing interesting. My grandfather retired as a CO at Rikers Island in NY. I live in central Texas in a military community(Fort Hood). I would like to know have any of you ever worked or work now, in a correctional facility, and if so, how is it-as far as skill experience, benefits and pay, and safety(i'm a female) I do have past medical experience-I was an Army medic, phlebotomist, I also have worked as a medical assistant and nursing assistant. I have an interview Feb 9th of 2009!! I applied for the part time and the prn positions because I'm taking online courses for prerequisites for BSN... Any information would be excellent. thank you!! Kim
  9. NeonateLVN

    LVN Student with an eye on Corrections

    Hello I know you posted this over a year ago but I just received my LVN license this month and have found correctional nursing interesting. My grandfather retired as a CO at Rikers Island in NY. I live in central Texas in a military community. I would like to know did you ever take the correctional job and if so, how is it? I know your in CA and will be very different from where I live but any information would be excellent. I have an interview Feb 9th of 2009. thank you `kim
  10. NeonateLVN

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    Wow you had me cracking up. You need to be a writer or submit your comical works to AJN mag. or something....very creative...yet probably true! lol....
  11. NeonateLVN

    New LPN students??

    Everyone has dittoed everything you've said, but you know your internal voice is always the loudest. I sort of feel like a fog. It's like I'm going through the motions...i.e. buying the books, registering, studying Math for Meds, but my mind is in another world if that makes sense, lol. But it will be a fun journey. I do alot of visualization, I do visualize myself completing it, but I have to get more organized! Anyways I guess if I can get through the computer programming classes and web building classes I've taken, I should welcome this challenge. I also have like 128 credits and am more than tired of school! lol. so I'm sure once achieved I'll stay LPN a bit before doing an RN thing. I just want to be an LPN for a while, I won't chicken out. I think it will be fun. I was always the momma type to students in my class and always helped with personal care for example when others were scared. But it would be great to hear your challenges as well. Do you ever see yourself as an RN eventually? Thanks
  12. NeonateLVN

    NYC Nursing Programs-Thoughts please!

    Hello. Native Newyorker here residing in TX as a military family. From personal knowledge, most any school in NY that has a nursing program is high standard for we have an excellent educational system. History says Beth Israel is one of the top rated hospitals..good luck.
  13. NeonateLVN

    New LPN students??

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site. I restart LPN school January 14th, 2008 the same date as some of you here. I reside on Fort Hood in Texas. Seems like I'm a career student. I just graduated with My Computer Science degree. But always found my heart in nursing. My resume is I'm a medical assistant, phlebotomist, home health aide, EMT via the United States Army. I also was in a BSN nursing program and and LPN program and had to stop for different reasons. Though this has been a long time coming, I feel all my credentials need to be bundled into my dream..of being a nurse. Two kids later, I'm dealing with guilt of putting my kids in after school care (they are 7 and 8) and when clinicals start 2-3 days out the week they have to be in before school care at 5:30am! My family says to bite the bullet because I've wanted this since I was 5 years old(I'm 34 now). Though I bought most of my books and paid part of my tuition, I still feel apprehensive, maybe it's the fear of success, I don't know. I know I can do it because of my estensive medical background, but fear is still there. Well I'd love some feedback or for you guys to share any experiences if you have any similar to mine. This site is great for support. Good luck to all. Hope we can stay in touch throughout this year..especially to those of you who start when I do...mine will end December of '08. Oh have any of you ever attended a nursing graduation ceremony? From what I remember 17 years ago in highschool ( I dropped out of my LPN program in my high school and became an MA:nono:) But from what I know the ceremony is pretty beautiful. I know I'm gonna cry my behind off...if I don't chicken out by Jan. 14th. Well good luck to all.