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  1. belle923

    PRAISE GOD! I pass the Nclex-RN on the 5th try!!!

    Congrats to you. All things are possible with Jesus Christ, the King! Continue to put your faith in Him...God Bless on officially becoming a Registered Nurse.:)
  2. belle923

    If you're a 'sorta new grad' with LTC exp...

    Congrats BigB...Im currently also working in LTC and have 7 months experience as an RN. How long did it take you to find a job at a hospital? Which hospitals did you apply for along with the positions? Thanks so much for your answers.
  3. belle923

    Newark Beth Israel Hospital

    I recently interviewed at Newark Beth Israel Hospital and was wondering, generally how long was the response from HR regarding the position for those who interviewed. I've actually been out of school for 4 months and I am becoming weary with the job searching process. Any answers would be appreciated, thanks again.
  4. belle923

    New Grad desperate for a job

    Congratulations Am, Im so happy that you finally have an interview. Im surprised, what hospital in NJ is hiring because I was told that hospitals wouldn't start hiring until the New Year. Congrats Again!
  5. belle923

    New Grad desperate for a job

    I am interested in the responses also amy because I am also in the same situation.
  6. belle923

    Delayed But Not Deined!! U Must Read My Story!!

    You are truly inspirational Unique. I truly believe that Jesus Christ is King and through His Glory all things are possible. You can now enjoy the fruits of your labor. Good luck in all your future endeavors and God Bless you always :)
  7. belle923

    Just took the nclex few hours ago

    Congrats!!!!! You are now an Official Nurse:smokin:.
  8. belle923

    79 questions on nclex....

  9. belle923

    79 questions on nclex....

    I agree with the posters above..please try the PVT because it worked for me and I passed. Good luck and God Bless.
  10. belle923

    How much time is needed before NCLEX???

    90 Million Year..LOL :wink2:. Thanks for your response and Congrats on passing. I'm scared to death of this test but I'll study my best and leave the rest to God!
  11. Hello everyone, I would really appreciate if you all could tell me how long you studied for the NCLEX and when you actually registered to take the test. I know this is all subjective, but I am just interested in knowing because I have just received my ATT number and I am trying to figure out if possibly by one month, I would be comfortable enough to take the NCLEX. It appears that my classmates have already registered but my concern is that I will not be ready by the date I chose. Thanks for all replies.
  12. belle923

    Study Group Question - Do you think you know it?

    a nurse received an am report on the following pts. in which order of priority will the nurse assess them 1- post-op pt schedule for ivpb antibiotic @ 0080: 3 2- pt with discharge orders for 1200: 4 3- pt with a bp 78/32 and pulse 104: 1 4- post-op pt c/o incisional pain: 2 a pt void 50ml of urine each time after abdominal surgey. the nurse assessment reveal dullness in the suprapubic region on percussion. what action should the nurse taken at these time? 1- notify the physician 2- encourage fluids 3- assist the pt to walk 4- insert a foley catheter the physician instruct the nurse who s having difficulty in placing a catheter in the bladder of a pt with bph to use the stylet. the nurse should 1- perform the procedure 2- offer to assist the physician in placing the catheter 3- refuse the suggestion 4- proceed with the procedure
  13. belle923

    Study Group Question - Do you think you know it?

    Hey Kay, I miss you around here!! Anymore questions
  14. belle923

    Study Group Question - Do you think you know it?

    a nurse is evaluating apt with cerebellar function. in other to assess, the nurse should ask the pt which question 1- are you having problem speaking? 2- are you having problem swallowing when eating 3- are you having problem with balance and coordination 4- are you having problem with muscle strength a medication order read " demerol 1ml i.m stat" the nurse should do what with these order 1- call the pharmacy to specify exact time to give the drug 2- call the physician regarding the inappropriate route 3- clarify the order with the physician 4- medication is valid and order a nurse is caring for a terminally ill hospice pt who has an advance directive on his chart. which nursing intervention is no longer needed for the pt 1- monitoring the vital sign 2- maintaining personal hygiene 3- caring for elimination 4- maintaining pain control
  15. belle923

    Study Group Question - Do you think you know it?

    a pt c/o to the nurse that the iv insertion site is painful and the nurse inspect the site and found out there is erythema, edema. what should be the initial action 1- apply warm soak compresses 2- elevate the extremity on the pillow 3- remove the iv 4- notify the physician what will be the first action for a nurse to preform when a pt is experiencing autonomic dysreflexia 1- call the physician 2- elevate the hob 3- check for bladder retention 4- give anti-hypertensive medication a 3yr old should be able to do which skill 1- tying shoe lace 2- copying a circle 3--identifying 5 body parts 4- hopping on one foot