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  1. novemberfailure

    Kaplan vs NCSBN NCLEX-RN Review

    i also used ncsbn review on my first take and i did not pass. i hope ypu're right about kaplan coz thats what im using now for my second take. i just finished the online videos today. i'll start with the questions up until my exam date on the end of january. i didnt really read all of the stuff on ncsbn coz it looked like a lot of information. instead, i just did all the questions. and yeah, the questions on the actual were very much different from the ncsbn review. it really sucks to not pass. i hope it would be better this time around.
  2. novemberfailure

    January 2008 NCLEX support thread

    thanks. i've been checking the schedules since december and they're all 8am. anyway, i'll try to check these days if there are vacancies in the afternoons.
  3. novemberfailure

    January 2008 NCLEX support thread

    as you can see, i'm a november failure. i am going to take the nclex for the 2nd time on january 31. btw, i checked 3 exam centers and the test times are all set at 8 in the morning. how come there are no afternoon exams anymore? anyway, i am gonna test soon. good luck to all of us!!!!