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  1. critical thinker

    I failed the NCLEX- AGAIN!

    When (regardless of what "book" or "program"you are using) doing questions, review the rationales of the questions you get wrong, understand why the right answer is right, and review the strategies of how to come to the right answer, this tactic is what help me the most I believe, Good Luck!
  2. critical thinker


    I have been a nurse in LTC for a year now, and I must say that it makes me NUTS that some others do not consider us "NURSES" unless you have done your tour of duty in a hospital, and I have read on some posts that hospitals don't even consider LTC as experience? Really! To all the dedicated LTC/Skilled NURSES out there I think you are all wonderful!
  3. critical thinker

    New Admissions

    Hello, Curious as to how other facilities do their admission procedure, do you have an admission coordinator that handles most of the paper work, or do the "floor" nurses handle to whole thing? Thanks
  4. critical thinker

    Help! Just found out I failed NCLEX-RN

    When you start to study for the test re-take, review the questions that you get wrong, review the right answer, read the rationales, and strategies for why the right answer is the right answer, this will help you a great deal when doing the test, breaking down the information given, and hopefully coming to the correct conclusion.
  5. critical thinker

    Tomorrow is the Big Day....

    GOOD LUCK :anpom:
  6. critical thinker

    Anyone taking the NCLEX in Portland???

    Are you talking Portland, Maine?
  7. Any ideas on when you are no longer considered a new graduate? I have been working as a RN in LTC for 7 months, while I am feeling comfortable in my job now, I still feel as though I am a new grad., I recently applied for an "entry in to practice" new grad med/surg position at a local hospital (have not heard back at time of this entry).
  8. critical thinker

    LTC versus Hospital?

    I became a RN in June of 2009, my job is working full time in a Long-term care facility, I previously worked there as a CNA before becoming a nurse for several years. My question is do you miss something as a nurse in you never have hospital experience? I ,at times, feel as though I need to do that 1 year of Med-Surg to get the skills down that I need, for example I have only had one patient that required IV antibiotics, so I have not used an IV pump since nursing school, and I have not done a sterile dressing change since nursing school, as you just do not always see this in my LTC facility. I spoke with a nurse that had 30 years experience who told me "you need to work where you are comfortable, and maybe a hospital isn't for you", my first love is geriatrics, and I enjoy my job, but, I am questioning if I should be looking for a hospital?
  9. critical thinker

    Transitioning from LTC to a hospital setting

    I am a new graduate (June 2009), and I currently have a job in long-term care, I work three days a week on the skilled unit, and two days on the psych-unit. I have 20 years experience in LTC working as a CNA, and I do enjoy geriatrics; however, I find myself worried that I am not utilizing skills such as: IV therapy, sterile dressing changes, just to name a couple, the hospitals in my area are not hiring now (Maine) Any suggestions on how to keep up with my skills? Has anyone out there worked in LTC for a while then gone to a hospital and found the transition easy? Thanks
  10. critical thinker

    Part-Time Maine Nursing School

    I am not aware of any, but contact your local community college system, I attended SMCC in South Portland, and their nursing program is M-F days, that includes clinical rotations. There were some students from York County that were doing clinicals in the afternoon, but I'm not sure if that is the case now. It too will depend on your location.