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  1. Danamegg

    We love Jnette!

    I have to agree! Jnette is such a great person!!!:)
  2. Danamegg

    letter home

    And then she's a girl on top of that!!!!!
  3. Danamegg


    :chuckle :roll
  4. Danamegg

    Some One was looking for this smilie

  5. Danamegg

    Why we LOVE Children

    Precious! :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
  6. Danamegg

    If women ruled the world

    Yep, a city is not a happy place without LOTS of bathrooms! And the dear seat - would be nice to chain it down for a change!
  7. Danamegg

    A Woman's Perfect Revenge

    My husband usually shops with me. He knows how to get to places in the city which I would never find on my own. BUT he doesn't like me and the daughter lingering in the clothes shops! To be honest - I don't blame him. Yesterday the daughter and I went shopping on our own because my husband's leave only starts sometime next week. We had such fun and every now and then we would remark: "Good thing daddy's not here!"
  8. Danamegg

    Time for a new clock..?

    Thanks, jnette. I am on leave for a few weeks, so you will see more of me ..... (Shucks, I have just finished reading the grammer/spelling thread in the Break Room and I am almost to nervous to post anything!!!)
  9. Danamegg

    the dachshund

    Yeppers! Dachshunds are clever little dogs!!! Never heard this joke before, very funny! :roll
  10. Danamegg

    Time for a new clock..?

    Classic!! :D
  11. Danamegg

    So You Think You have had a tough Day???

    Shy hand raised at the back of the classroom: Miss, I can't see on the board.
  12. Danamegg

    be nice to your nurse

    Ha! Wish I could have seen that one!
  13. Danamegg

    Christmas with Louise

    Great story well told! I bet it really happened! :chuckle :chuckle
  14. Danamegg

    Most Embarassing Moment Created By Your Kids & Grandchildren

    Maybe it is my mistake - insisting that the kids attend church with us even as babies/toddlers. My eldest son, now 28, embarrassed us on at least three occasions: He had problems with his adenoids and because of that he snored very loudly. So being bored in church during the evening service, he would sometimes fall asleep and start a round of ear-shattering snoring! If shaken or jabbed to wake him up, he would scream "Ouch!" , which made matters worse. My kids were also keen to handle the collection dish that was send around in church and one evening my son dropped the dish with coins scattering all over the place. My face was so red! And of course there was the time he farted loudly, the sound ringing through the quiet church. I was just aware of a few people around us giggling softly. :imbar
  15. Danamegg


    Yes, I bet they'd rather use a pre-formatted letter with crosses in the applicable places than take the time to write such an eloquent letter. Very funny, nevertheless!!! :chuckle
  16. Danamegg

    A dog with a death wish?

    That chair does not look very sturdy! :rotfl: