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  1. MarathonGirl

    Anyone took pre-reqs at Diablo Valley College

    I took Nutrition and Sociology at DVC. I tried to take my sciences there, but I could never get in. If you have trouble getting itno the classes as well, you should try Merritt Community College in Oakland. I never had any trouble and I had excellent profs there.
  2. MarathonGirl

    Net Exam!!!

    I scored a 94 composite (86 reading and 100 math I think). I also found the reading quite tricky. I studied a ton for it (from the online sample test and the practice book - both from ERI) and I still found it difficult.
  3. MarathonGirl

    Samuel Merritt the ELMSN program interview?

    Hi Wikireader - Do you have an interview coming up? For which program?
  4. Good luck Carlos. I'm sure you will do very well. Let us know how you think it went.
  5. MarathonGirl

    Anyone apply to Samuel Merritt ELMSN for Fall 2008?

  6. MarathonGirl

    What school(s) is everyone applying to????

    Samuel Merritt's ELMSN program.
  7. MarathonGirl

    Any word from Samuel Merritt?

    Hi Rianna - they sent out confirmation emails that they received the applications back in Nov. or Dec.-- to the absn applicants, for at least the Oakland location (don't know about the others). I did not apply but I mistakenly received their emails for some reasons. If you're really curious I could even find the email and see what it said. Good luck! where are else are you waiting to hear from?
  8. MarathonGirl

    NET Science Section??

    Mine had a science section as well as a bunch of other sections that don't count toward your final score (though they are scored, the school just supposedly doesn't look at them)
  9. MarathonGirl

    Any word from Samuel Merritt?

    I would guess that there were 160 applicants for the FNP track. And I think they interviewed about 40 last year.
  10. MarathonGirl

    future nurse student needs NET help

    We were allowed to go back Polska. All you have to do is ask the instructors leading the test if it is allowed.
  11. MarathonGirl

    50 out of 100 Nursing students failed program

    Is it mostly the ADN programs that have such high drop-out rates? Are most universities and accelerated/2nd degree and direct entry masters programs the same?
  12. MarathonGirl

    Any word from Samuel Merritt?

    Hi - I applied to the ELMSN-NP program at SMC in Oakland this month, but I have not heard anything back. Did anyone else apply?
  13. MarathonGirl

    Did anyone apply to Samuel Merritt?

    I applied to the ELMS-NP program for SMC in Oakland. I have not heard anything back, not even a confirmation email. Did anyone else apply?
  14. MarathonGirl

    OMG I'm getting married

    Do you mean you have only known him a few months and you guys are in separate cities? My advice is to continue to be be in love, have romantic weekends together and wait to get married. Wait a year, until you are finished with your program and then you can relax and have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon. :) eta: rereading your post, I think you have known him for over a year? and you do live in the same city. Well then I think it sounds wonderful - you'll be getting married this spring?
  15. MarathonGirl

    Do higher grades determine qucker admission

    I hope so!!