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  1. PACU call/ holiday requirements question

    Larger hospital = more PACU staff = less call required I work for a large trauma hospital and our usual call requirements are 1 week night and 1 weekend day per month. Might be more if a lot staff out on leave or unforeseen circumstances. Also, ...
  2. Zone PACU nursing

    Has anyone done “Zone” style PACU nursing and could explain how it runs and is it more efficient or better throughput? How do you like it. No need to comment that you’ve never heard of it. Any description of your hospitals version of this type ...
  3. Travel Nursing for PACU

    I’ve never done travel PACU nursing but I know we used them often pre-covid times during our winters due to “snow birds” coming to Arizona for the winters. Then we slow down during the Summer and just use our regular staff. I’m sure every hospital ha...
  4. Recoveries at night

    At my facility (large trauma hospital)… the PACU nurses (2 on-call overnight) stay to recover the patient and send them home or to their inpatient room for the hospital to discharge afterward. The GI procedure nurse is in the procedure only (with the...
  5. Unit Quality Improvement Project

    Looking for ideas for a Quality Improvement Project in our PACU for a clinical ladder application. It needs to be something measurable over 6 months by chart audit or patient satisfaction surveys, etc. Is there something you have implemented in your ...
  6. PACU nursing

    I have felt the same at times and have been in the PACU about a year as well. I recently came back from a 3 month maternity leave and my confidence level in this was very low. I think a part of it is we have to feel "comfortable" with shallow breath ...
  7. My termination story, any new grad success advice appreciated!

    I think this statement is absolutely absurd. I don't think any nursing student graduates from school knowing how to actually do the job of RN. I have NEVER had a job where I have been given an orientation for only 4 weeks. A hospital that wants to en...
  8. My termination story, any new grad success advice appreciated!

    I don't think this is a normal situation at all. You need to find another hospital with better working conditions. A hospital that wants you to succeed and to be safe. When I was a new grad, I had at least 12 weeks for orientation and that was after ...
  9. Common nicknames for hospital items.

    I recently heard someone reply to the question "What's wrong with the patient?" With the answer... "TMB" = Too Many Birthdays I've also heard a patient who isn't doing well/coding/circling the drain as "krumping".
  10. Common nicknames for hospital items.

    We call that last one a manifold.
  11. What's CVICU like, really?

    Not necessarily. The last surgery of the day might come out the the beginning of your shift or later. Also, earlier, less stable surgeries might not be ready to extubate. If you do work days, you will land more fresh hearts but we have our share of m...
  12. What's CVICU like, really?

    Yes, the goal is to get the patient extubated as soon as possible if stable. Most people like taking care of immediate post-op patients because they are 1:1 and you stay pretty busy. I think there is a mix of stable and unstable situations. Some pati...
  13. New CCU/ICU nurse frustrations!!

    It probably depends on the facility and doctors you work with. Every single one of our post-op open hearts and TAVR's come out with Swan's and we direct a lot of our care based on the patients cardiac output. We even see some manual cardiac outputs e...
  14. Common nicknames for hospital items.

    You're hospital needs to get with the times! Ours has come with flavor packets for years. They also started calling it NuLytely, not sure if that's any better though.
  15. What is Med Surg Observation?

    She gave a pretty good description of an observation unit. The one I work at is a 4:1 ratio with no aide.