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    NM license renewal help!

    you dont have to send a copy of the CE's certificates with your renewal form, it will only be needed for random audit. there are a lot of CE's website that are accredited by all BON, new mexico BON doesnt usually reply on those kind of inquiry since you could find the answer to the CE's website that you will use.:redbeathe
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    NM License Renewal, anyone?

    i renewed my license NM BON, i live here in florida i sent the form with complete info thru snail mail and after 3 weeks they sent me a blank form of the same paper,, very confusing,, i didnt know what i did wrong i even thought of sending another using the form they sent me and risking my credit card info again. i tried to call them but always end up on a voice mail. i emailed a NM BOM agent and she is the only one who responds to all my inquiry. if u want to follow it up i recommend u to use emial and contact me and I can pass on her name via pm however because of the numerous emails she gets she dosnt reply right away, give her 2 weeks to respond to ur email, and 6-8 weeks for the application to follow through. thats how long my papers went. hopes this help:wink2:
  3. karleon

    NM license renewal help!

    hey thank you for the info. i just checked the status of my renewal on the website. do you happen to know how many days after the application does the actual license (card) arrives thru snail mail? tnx!:heartbeat