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  1. Designer NP

    Going back for DNP

    I know this thread is old, but I am a current student at Baylor. The DNP program is new this year at Baylor. 15 students are accepted in the BSN-DNP program and up to 30 CRNAs to continue on to the DNP. Those in the post master's program have 2 years of study, completely online with minimal face-time. They also have to complete a capstone project during the course of study. If you have any questions, just let me know.
  2. Designer NP

    Does the Pearson Vue trick work? 911

    Why don't you just check your state board website? Or call them? That is what I did.
  3. Designer NP


    I don't know specifically about the DNAP, but my school offers the DNP which is much more versatile. I go to Baylor. There is a school in Fort Worth, Tx that offers the DNAP.
  4. Designer NP

    I hate nursing..

    wow ruby, you sound like one of those bitter older nurses who eats their young.
  5. Designer NP

    UTHSC Houston interview advice?

    So....I'm in the process of applying now and Baylor is my first choice because of the DNP program. How do you like it so far? I'm really nervous about the competition..what were your stats and how was your interview? Thanks
  6. Designer NP

    Nurse Anesthesia an Exciting Career Option for African Americans

    I'm putting in my applications right now, this summer! I can't believe the time is finally here!
  7. Designer NP

    Most Common LTC Meds?

  8. Designer NP

    I hate nursing..

    Just because you don't like your job doesnt mean that nurses who are burnt out will treat their patients badly. The nurses who experience burnout are actually the ones who care the most.
  9. Designer NP

    Diversity in Anesthesia Program

    Hey guys the luncheon is one week out and I'm getting excited! I plan on flying in Friday afternoon and leaving Monday. I was wondering if anyone else would be there about the same time and if you would like to meet up to see a bit of Miami. I would really love to hang out on South Beach, but don't want to go alone! If anyone is interested please PM me!
  10. Designer NP

    Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Houston, Charlotte ICU RNs

    I'd say come to Houston, but pass on employment at St. Luke's because it's backward and outdated like the previous poster said about S. Florida. Try any of the above mentioned by the previous poster for a good (Neuro) unit/ hospital system. I've worked at a good majority of hospitals in the Med Center, I've heard Methodist has a good system. Md Anderson is nice, but cancer kinda gets depressing. The technology and system is very nice though.
  11. Designer NP

    Do you use Kardexes on your unit?

    Just wondering how other hospitals do with updates and all. I work at a facility and can't stand the whole Kardex thing, its so outdated and things get easily missed. What do you guys use?
  12. Designer NP

    So how are the "other" classes?

    I'm bumping this thread because I want to know too!
  13. Designer NP

    What would you change about Nursing to make it better?

    are these two quotes not contradictorary? put down newer nurses who want to pursue higher education...whatever it may be and then the next quote you want to say "not put down someone else's motives" for being a nurse? what give you the right to input your opinions on someone else's future goals and aspirations? who's to say the new nurse may not be a great crna, midwife or er nurse once they get experience under their belt? everyone has to start somewhere in life...remember you were once a newly graduated nurse w/no experience as well.
  14. Quick question... Can someone tell me why they want to change the entry level of NP's to DNP in 2015 and CRNA's in 2025?
  15. Designer NP

    NP's with second jobs

    Tricky, tricky...but interesting. I want to hear about this one. I still woundn't set myself up for a potential outcome like this though.