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  1. jcgrund

    I passed my last semester for LPN school!!

    Way to go! Very happy for you!
  2. jcgrund

    UF BSN-DNP 2015

    I just talked to the adviser about the PMHNP DNP program. She said we would have to meet on campus once a month for 8 hours (on Mondays, she thinks) for clinical courses only. And that our instructors would help us find preceptors and clinical sites. It's $528.41/Credit hour.
  3. jcgrund

    UF BSN-DNP 2015

    I was accepted for the PMHNP full time program. Does anyone know if it's mainly on-line, or are there some classes in Gainesville? Have you heard anything about clinicals? I am also accepted at USA, so I'm calling for information next week before I make a choice. I'd prefer UF, but I live in Tallahassee, and work and have kids, so I really can't travel too often.
  4. jcgrund

    Am I the only one?

    I feel the same way. I was working in an E.R. once and a coworker commented on a patient that had attempted to OD. She went on and on saying how this young person should have "just done it," and was "just whining" and was "wasting everyone's time." I went into the room behind her and saw a person that I knew. It was a friend of mine. It may be difficult not to become jaded, but we must remember that everyone is someone's friend, daughter, son, sister, brother, or something.
  5. jcgrund

    Nurses are the real heroes ?

    Yes, they do what they are ordered to do because they took an oath to do so. They have to do things whether they agree with them or not because they took an oath to do so. They are not allowed to quit if they don't like it. You do not have to think that people in the military today are heroes. I really don't care if you do. But they do not deserve your disrespect. I only took offense to your idea that the military members of the past are somehow more noble because you agree with their wars and you don't agree with politics of today. The military members of today have taken the same oath as those of the past regardless of the politics. Whether you agree with the war or not, these people are still willing to risk their lives for your freedom.
  6. jcgrund

    Nurses are the real heroes ?

    Ok, here's the deal...the folks in the military do what they are ordered to do. Just because you don't agree with the politics of a specific war, it doesn't mean that those same people have not taken an oath to defend the freedom of the country. The men and women serving in the military today are no less defending freedom than whatever you meant by "not current" military.
  7. jcgrund

    Nurses are the real heroes ?

    Excuse me...current military? Ok, I get it if you don't consider the military to be your hero, that's your prerogative. But, the current military has taken the same oath to defend freedom as any other military you may be referring to. I take offense to your comment as I, and my sister, have recently served in the military and my husband is currently serving.
  8. Hello all, I am a new RN graduate, with years of LPN experience in a community health clinic, who will be starting a job in a psychiatric facility very soon. Anyone have any ideas of books or resources that would be most helpful to someone beginning a career in psychiatric nursing? Thanks!
  9. jcgrund

    Help wit resume and cover letter. critique please.

    Too long.
  10. jcgrund

    Precepting the Preceptor

    Thank you for the great article. I am currently going through a preceptorship, and all I hear or read are horror stories. My experience so far has been nothing but pleasant. Maybe I'm just lucky, but so far everyone I have worked with has been patient, kind, and accepting.
  11. Hi, I'm planning for the next step and wondering if anyone has any input, good or bad, on FL on-line RN to BSN programs? I've been looking at UWF, UCF, and Jacksonville University. Thanks!
  12. jcgrund

    LVN asking new grad RNs in No. CA - R U finding work?

  13. That is very sad. Although I don't consciously feel negativity toward overweight individuals, this discussion gives me pause to consider if I may act differently with obese patients subconsciously. Being an average size without really trying, I consider myself lucky that I don't have a problem with weight. If I did, I would hope that the people caring for me would treat me with the same respect a thin person would get. In the future I will be more mindful of how I may subconsciously treat overweight people. I truly believe all people deserve respect and compassion no matter the circumstances.
  14. jcgrund

    waiting, Air Force Nurse Corps

    Let me say Welcome to Panama City to travelcrazy! My hubs is in the AF, stationed at Tyndall for 5 years now. He works jets. I am working diligently to finish my BSN, so that I can join the AF when he retires.
  15. Wow...that's exactly what I thought. This prescriber was trying to be a smart***, because I didn't write his scripts, but seriously... One of our 5 prescribers uses EMR, and it seems to be a lot easier, even for calling it in, because at least it is a complete prescription.
  16. jcgrund

    Am I being snotty?

    I don't think it makes you snotty. The fact that you care if you seem snotty indicates you are probably not snotty. Go for it, and celebrate your hard work. J.D., LPN