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NICU Rehabilitation of the Older Adult
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ballybricken has 29 years experience and specializes in NICU Rehabilitation of the Older Adult.

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  1. ballybricken

    Nursing in Abu Dhabi

    Wondered if you ended up working there ? I am considering a nursing position there and wondered what you thought of it ?
  2. Economy is in poor condition in Ireland. Public Sector Employees (includes healthcare) paying >50% of their wages in taxes / levies. Impossible to stay and support youngsters in college. First choice is Australia for lifestyle however listening to allnurses,financially it would appear that earnings are comparable. Does anyone know what's going on in the UAE? Where is good, what are they paying, travel, annual leave, lifestyle etc.
  3. ballybricken

    Moving from Ireland to Australia

    Thank you so much...that really helps
  4. ballybricken

    Moving from Ireland to Australia

    Thank you ....that is a great insight and I appreciate your honesty. I wish you well for the future.
  5. ballybricken

    Moving from Ireland to Australia

    Hey thanks...I would love your advice...where do you come from ? What is your experience of the hospitals city v country, public v private, salaries , cost of living. You have 20 years experience...is Aus a good place for you ?
  6. ballybricken

    Moving from Ireland to Australia

    Thanks Scrubby that's encouraging. Can you advise me a little on the best areas hospital and lifestyle wise. Any information would be greatly appreciated !
  7. ballybricken

    Moving from Ireland to Australia

    Hi as an older but very experienced nurse (48 yrs) I would like to move to the Queensland or South Australia (Adelaide) Regions. I have an MSc in Nursing (Rehabilitation of the Older Adult) and worked for 16 years in a Regional Neonatal IntensiVe Care Unit but do not have the NICU qualification. Do you think Australian Hospitals would be willing to employ me or are they looking for younger staff? I would prefer to start in something generic until I get my feet and get to know the system. Can anyone give me any pointers? Additionally my husband will be coming with me but has recently been made redundant so he will be seeking bar / restaurant / driving work. Ireland not a good place to be at the moment. Can you help in Aus ?
  8. ballybricken

    Medication Schemas

    Hello, I am currently undertaking a research project which entails teaching older adults to self medicate safely. I am looking for examples of medication schemas i.e. an easy to read list of the patients medications with appropriate instructions / pictures etc. which acts as an aid to memory. I was wondering if anyone has an example / sample of one....I am running out of time and just can't find one anywhere...thanks x;)