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CurlyRN has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in public health, new school nurse, triage, training.

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  1. CurlyRN

    Coronavirus and Schools

    If anyone is looking for a historical fiction book on the plague, I read and really enjoyed ---Year of Wonders : A Novel of the Plague by Geraldine Brooks. It was an easy beach read, my family thought I was a little weird, but public health is cool in any format!
  2. CurlyRN

    Medication Storage

    Good morning! We are getting a remodel over the next two summers and I have been asked for feedback regarding our health office. Currently there is no privacy for our scheduled med kids and I want to change that. The other issue is the reason I am posting this question. The space and drawers were designed before all the need for all the meds our students now take. We have 5 key latch-locked drawers, with Rx on the top in original bottles, the OTC in baggies in the following drawers with permission forms in the baggies and then the emergency meds in 6 unlocked bins above a sink, divided by last name. I would like a wall unit in our side room where our diabetes kids test and dose, which would provide privacy. As it is right now, my school only contains 7th and 8th grade, but 6th will be joining in the next 2 years so we will need to accommodate those meds as well. How do you all store your prescription and OTC meds? Is a wall unit the way to go? We joked that a cart similar to the ones used in assisted living would be nice but I would be afraid that someone would try to roll away with it! It would provide a place to set the water cup and med bottle. I would also like to get rid of the med keys and use a keypad or something. This is week 3 for me in this role and I am learning so much!
  3. CurlyRN

    Time tracking spreadsheet/comp time

    Hi! I am one week into the new role and LOVE it! I am realizing that a .8 FTE that works along side a teacher contract is quite different than a .8 FTE at the hospital as far as time tracking goes. As an example, I have been told that the teacher professional development day is counted towards that teachers yearly hours but I won't need to go, esp if I flex my time, with comp time....I am confused. LOL I am wondering if anyone has a spreadsheet that they want to share that helps them track their time and it isn't anything turned into admin, but there to keep you from going over your contract. In my first week, I recycled 2 trash bins full of outdated material from the nurses office.
  4. CurlyRN

    Interview tomorrow-preview question tips!

    Great! They offered me the position. This entire job application process was not planned, I was contacted by a friend who works with the district. She knew I was looking for a new role, closer to my passion in triage, community and public health. I interviewed and then left for a cruise! I’m still on vacation and am sorting out the details related to pay and benefits. It’s a .8 position with a likelihood of going 1.0 in 2 years. It’s also a pay decrease but, as I’m telling my husband, not everything is about $$. This is such a great resource!
  5. Hi! First time poster...long time member, since 2007! I am looking to move into a middle school nurse role after many years of triage, hospital float pool, training and case management roles. I was also in the Army Nurse Corps for 8 years. I have made it through the screening and the interview is tomorrow. The hiring admin said that I can preview the questions before I start the interview. In both the application and the screening, the questions are geared towards teachers. I have a lot of experience as a clinical trainer so I answered the screening questions through that lens. Do any of you have any tips on how best to approach this interview? I have been brushing up on my pediatric health topics; asthma, allergies, diabetes, immunizations. I have been a nurse for 16 years, and have my BSN and MPH. The contract here states that the nurses are compensated like the teachers, per lane and step. I am taking a pay cut for this, but my passion for community/public health and my need to get back to clinical care is making me not care so much about the pay. I actually was going to be a teacher in middle school before switching my major, it is a fun age.
  6. CurlyRN

    Is there a Registered Dietitian program for RN's?

    Hi, joining the discussion. Are there any certification programs that a RN could take in nutrition? I visited the American Dietician Association website and did not find what I was looking for.
  7. CurlyRN

    two interviews..two positions

    Since my last post, I have been on two infection practitioner interviews with one company and just got a phone call for another with the company that I currently work for. I would obviously much rather have the last job as I would keep my senority and pay grade. I come with no experience but great enthusiasm. I related my interest in getting certified and stressed my military background. I think I did well on the two interviews, with questions related to my attention to detail, organization skills.....anything you all can think of to help me nail the first interview with my current employer? Background, the first company wants an ICP to be an offsite practitioner at an ortho surgery center and clinic. The second position is at a teaching hospital. Thanks in advance.
  8. CurlyRN

    Bridge to Public Health

    I was not clear in my original post. I have worked at a large teaching hospital since 2001 and on the floor in a float pool for four years. I have been in the trenches with crazy patients and feel even more prepared for a different direction.
  9. CurlyRN

    66H Reserve to 66B Active....

    Morning all, I am currently and have been a 66H for the last 4 years, and will complete my BSN in May 09. I grew up in the Army, thinking of going active when I graduate but only if I can change my MOS to Public health nurse, 66B. Anyone have any experience changing MOS or familiar with this one? I have two kids, divorced and think it is just my calling to be active. TIA
  10. CurlyRN

    Bridge to Public Health

    Morning all from sunny Minnesota, I am finishing a BSN completion program with a graduation date of May 2009 and found that I loved Public Health. I have worked at a large teaching univeristy since 2001 in the acute care setting and really feel that I am not on the right path. I recently came across an opening at another hospital for an infection control nurse, on the admin side and applied. Would this role be a nice transition to PH? I want my DPN in Public Health.

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