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  1. Hey, for all you Boces students, or those applying... I figured its too late to apply for the September LPN program. So i was wondering when do they start taking applications for the March program. I would like to go during the day full-time. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks guys.
  2. Wi5eguy

    Stallion Nursing Agency?

    Has anyone ever heard of them? They scheduled an interview for me (im a cna) and was wondering if anyone knows about them, any info..?
  3. Wi5eguy

    Nursing Homes need help

    Hey all i just passed my CNA test. I live out in Queens, and was wondering if anyone knew of any good nursing homes to work at that hire new cnas in queens, li, brooklyn....? How much do they pay new cnas? union? any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Wi5eguy

    Health insurance

    I was wondering if CNA's get health, dental, etc. insurance from working ayt a nursing home. I know that hospitals do, but wasnt sure if nursing homes did as well...? Can anyone help clarify things for me please? Do all places have health benefits, or just some?
  5. Wi5eguy

    first day of class...??

    Is it normal to wear yr white scrubs on the first day of school and throughout the whole class, even tho yr not in a hospital or nursing home setting? I was told to wear my "uniform" everydayto class, is that how it was like for everyone
  6. I know since their both colleges that they might have you take the prerequisites b4 u enter the LPN program. So my question is... do either schools allow you to take the pre-req's while starting the LPN program? Any graduates from either school, or current students have any info regarding their program? I'm applying to both schools, and will end up transferring to whichever accepts me.
  7. Wi5eguy

    C-Net Exam anyone...?

    hmmm idk i didnt buy the book. I just got a letter with the school to take the test at and the directions.
  8. Wi5eguy

    C-net Exam..

    I take my test on March 2nd.(ne1 else with the same test date) I was wondering if anyone took it already... AND what was it like? I'm gettin a little nervous as the days go by... =/
  9. Wi5eguy

    C-Net Exam anyone...?

    I take my test in exactly one week... March 2nd.(ne1 else with the same test date) I was wondering if anyone took it already... AND what was it like? I'm gettin a little nervous as the days go by... =/
  10. Wi5eguy

    VEEB LPN Program (info request)

    Curious... Is it too late to apply for VEEB? If not, Do i have to call and pick up the applicaton? Any help will be appreciated. (I'm from Queens, but i drive, so it's not a problem. How long does it take to get there also? I'm not that familiar with that part of L.I.) I have a test date for BALC, and plan on taking it. But I heard so much good things about VEEB, and it doesn't hurt to have a back up plan. Another thing... Is there financial Aid or anything? 10,000 is A LOT. lol
  11. Wi5eguy


    You rock platinum, lol. I'm sooo glad to know more about this program, their site gives u like NOOO information at all! The math and reading will be easy for me i hope, i love math. Just the essay thing i might have trouble with, is that a big factor? But anyways on the cnet site, it said applications for the test will be available december 1st, so im just waiting till then. BTW, i was gonna send u a private message, but i didnt know how lol.
  12. Wi5eguy


    Ah thank u for all the information Platinum, i greatly appreciate it lol. I wanted to go there because of the location and price, sad to hear they're disorganized tho. But since you graduated and everything, did u feel well prepared for the nclex pn...? and i was just wondering how the admission process was...? Sorry for the additional questions, yr just the first person I seen on this board who actually went to the school, and finished it... Thanks.
  13. Wi5eguy


    Thank you so much. Do u know if their are a lot of students who take the test, and how much they take in?
  14. Wi5eguy


    Ah thanks, I'm going to give them call this week and find out more information. Just wanted some feedback on it... BTW, I love yr icon lol, Starbuck is my idol.
  15. Did anyone attend this school, or know any info. about their LPN program? It's more convenient for me to attend this school, and was hoping it was a good school. I think its free or at least cheaper than most schools out there. So i was wondering if they had clinicals, and were thorough with material, and so on...? Well, any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
  16. Wi5eguy

    manhattan institute for CNA training

    Yea don't go to Allen school, They called me everyday pestering me about their school. I had friends that went there, and i advice you to spend yr money somewhere else. It's too expensive, and not even worth it. I recommend Manhattan Institute, and theres this other school called "NY Medical Training Center" in Flushing Queens. I'm taking their CNA class at the end of December. A lot of ppl recommend it, and its pretty cheap. They have a website as well. http://www.nymedtraining.com/ Good luck!