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  1. 3kids

    Trauma Hospitals

    Hello everyone! I will be moving to the DC area in July and currently work at a Level 1 ED. From the research I've done, I found 3 Level 1 hospitals in the DC area: Inova, George Washington University Hospital, and Medstar Washington . I would like to know people's opinions on these 3 hospitals. Such as what are the ratios, does the management support the staff, is there self scheduling, what is the pay for an experienced RN, and is there commuter trains close to the hospitals. Thanks in advance for responding!
  2. 3kids

    Flight nursing in AK

    I am interested in becoming a flight nurse and there is a strong possibility I will be moving to Anchorage this summer. If someone who has flight experience in AK would let me know their experience, I would appreciate it. I do not have any flight experience, but have ED and level 1 trauma experience.
  3. 3kids

    NYC and Buffalo RN pay

    Anyone else care to share? Particularly in Buffalo? I would like to work at ECMC...also what have ED nurse experiences been here?
  4. 3kids

    Barnes-Jewish starting RN salary

    I would estimate at least $27.00 or higher w/o differential.
  5. 3kids

    Relocation to St. Louis

    I don't know if I can help you with the salary question since you are a MSN. There are many places to work...are you planning on staying in critical care? There are also hospitals in southern IL, about 15 minutes from downtown. There are a lot of hospitals that utiltilize NPs in EDs to help wolf th the pt flow. Please provide some more details so I can better answer your questions.
  6. Hello, There is a strong possibility my family may be moving to Anchorage this summer. I currently work at a trauma hospital and am wondering about the hospitals n Anchorage. I would like to continue to work with Level 1 pts in the ED. If someone could compare the hospitals and their acuity levels I would appreciate it. Also if you wouldn't mind telling me what you like about the hospital it would help make my decision easier. I am guessing with night shift differential I would get paid about $40/hr. Thanks for all of your input and taking the time to respond.
  7. 3kids

    NYC and Buffalo RN pay

    There is a possibility I will be moving to either NYC or Buffalo...I know there is a big difference between the two places. However, if you would be willing to share the average hourly rate for NYC and for Buffalo, I would greatly appreciate it! I am an experienced RN.
  8. 3kids

    Illinois endorsement

    I will be moving this summer to the St. Louis area and have applied in MO as well as IL for RN positiions. I am having a difficult time getting my questions answered from the BRN in IL. They require a mulitidue of forms and I am just trying to find out if I have to use their specific fingerprinting card OR if I can use the one the fingerprininting company uses. Since I do not currenlty live anywhere near IL, I need to get ink printed in my current state. Any information would be appreciated....even a working phone number! Thanks!
  9. 3kids

    St. Louis University Hospital

    If anyone has anyone has worked for St. Louis University Hospital, I would appreciate any information. Do they hire new grads, do they have a new grad program? If they don't do they thoroughly orient new grads? Any info would be appreciated!
  10. 3kids

    SSM Futures?

    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but does the program start only certain times of the year, or do they start new grads throughout the year?
  11. 3kids

    St. Louis University Hospital

    I am a New Grad and was wondering if St. Louis University hires new grads and/or has a new grad program. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  12. 3kids

    Native American beliefs regarding birthing/childbirth

    I agree with nativehunny. My husband is also a member of Turtle Mountain and so are my kids. My in-laws follow western medicine. We also have a beaded pouch for the umbilical cords for my kids. Unfortunately, a lot of informtion about culturally competenct care for Native Americans is tribe specific and regards more traditional customs versus current practices. There are also many issues that "modern America" does not hear/know about that affect Native Americans' health.
  13. I am not Native American, but my husband is, and I can see this is likely for an assignment, so I'm not sure if my answers will help you since I am responding quite a bit after the posting. Also, I cannot help but point out that the Migration questions are somewhat a moot point especially if interviewing a Native American unless they are of mixed heritage. If you still need some answers, please let me know.
  14. So here's my dilema, my spouse is in the military and he is due to transfer summer of 2011. I will be graduating next December. I've asked a few people and the responses have been varied as to if I should get a job and have some experience (even though it will be extemely minimal) prior to moving. At best I figure I will have 4-5 months of experience (depending on timing of taking the NCLEX, orientation, etc.). I know I would likely not be a candidate for a new grad program to where we move, but with less than a year working would it be difficult for me to get a job? I also know it would depend on the hospital, location, and area. Sorry this is kind of rambling, but any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!
  15. I can see why you would feel uncomfortable with your underaged daughter working as a CNA...I know I would. No nursing programs do not generally make you become a CNA before becoming a nurse. What I would do is check the websites of the nursing programs she is interested in attending and see what the requirements are. Generally there are prerequiste classes she will need to take prior to her nursing classes, such as anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and chemistry. Each program is different in their requirements, so your best bet would be to check them out! Good luck