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pursuing second degree BSN

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  1. best rural hospitals for RN to land first job

    Honestly I like the many different landscapes that Texas offers. My original background was in biology so I love to explore when time permits. I also like riding horses. So I'm pretty open to most areas of Texas where I can keep horses. I was being o...
  2. Seriously considering TX to relocate sounds as though job market may be tough esp as a new RN. I'm looking more rural any suggestions on rural setting hospitals in Tx that hire new grads? Thank you.
  3. Pay difference Denver, CO Springs, Ft. Collins

    While everyone here is talking about CO and Wyoming nursing jobs can anyone offer me some advice or help regarding finding an RN position in CO my family wants to relocate out west but there just doesn't at least appear to be jobs for new grads. Im e...
  4. New graduate RN opps

    Will be graduating in May anyone know of hospitals accepting new grad RNs into OR training programs or any job or training program for that matter? I am from western PA, only willing to go as far east as Harrisburg, Hershey area.
  5. New graduate RN opps Texas

    Curious about new grad nurse opps in Texas, what parts of Texas are best opps to find job, if anyone knows of new grad training programs for OR. What are salaries like in TX. May be relocating there in May after graduating. Any other information re...
  6. graduate nurse opps TN

    Wanted to get a feel for new graduate nurse opps in east TN specifically and TN in general. Also if there anyone knows of OR graduate nurse training programs in TN. Thanks!
  7. Are nursing grads still having a hard time finding jobs?

    The real issue I think people are having is that they entered nursing school with the idea that there are many jobs and that nursing was promoted as the biggest in demand profession expected for the next 20 years. As I mentioned in a previous post t...
  8. Looking to possibly relocate to NW Wyoming of West Montana. Will be finishing RN program in a couple more semesters. This is a second career for me. Anyway, looks like slim pickings in Montana for RN jobs is this correct? What is my best shot for a...
  9. Wyoming RN's?

    I am a second career nursing student graduating in a year and am thiking about moving to Wyoming. Love the outdoors. Was curious as to how well can an RN live in Wyoming? I would really like to be near Yellowstone as my background is in wildlife/bi...
  10. new RN jobs in Fla?

    Well if you say it's across the board low pay then that's another thing. Here in PA there is very high liability and low reimbursement as well, but again salaries appear much higher than down Florida. As mentioned, I will have no choice to go to Fl...
  11. new RN jobs in Fla?

    So, what you are saying is in Florida due to the economy there, the people on the business end of running these hospitals, the physcians who work there, the nurse practitioners, and PA's all took salary cuts too right???
  12. new RN jobs in Fla?

    Well, I still think the saying "get paid in sunshine" is a bunch of crap to falsely elude one into thinking that a nurse can't make more money. Again, it comes down to having enough backbone to demand more, as mentioned all the caring to help people...
  13. new RN jobs in Fla?

    Sounds like a sad case of too much capitalsim in healthcare in Florida. Some is ok, but too much creates greed, where the workers, the ones who actually make the money for the hospital are underpaid and underappreciated. No wonder Florida hostpital...
  14. Where Is The Worst place to work in Florida?

    Can someone clarify what the heck the problem is with nursing in Florida??? Our area here in SW PA is on a down turn right now too, but it is still relatively easy to get a new nursing job starting 22-26/hour. My family is relocating to Florida in...
  15. new RN jobs in Fla?

    I am from PA and will ge graduating in a year hoping to relocate to north Florida with family. I've been reading on here how poor job prosepcts are in Fla as well as low salary. Any idea on the reason and how long this will last? Can't totally blam...