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  1. Plan to transfer from tele to er

    Hi to all! I have been working for Tele/Progressive Care Unit for 16 months now and I am actually tired of my patients demands of graham crackers and juice, pain meds, and they usually feel that they are in a hotel, plus we have a 6 ratio patients to...
  2. Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    Hi, 1. You need to ask the IDPFR if it is okay with them to just ask a letter of passing from CA be submitted to them and explain your situation why you can't get a SSN at this time. It is up to them. Like Vermont State Board of Nursing - they accept...
  3. On the other hand, I was excited because it will be very challenging for me, I guess. I remember when I was still doing my review studies for the NCLEX and there is a topic about Transcultural Nursing and every time I read my book I always associate ...
  4. letter to manager appropriate, regarding transfer?

    I work in a telemetry unit ratio of 6 patients to 1 nurse ratio. And I am planning to be transferred to the ER department. I got friends there who told me that they are busy but steady. My current unit has 1 secretary, 2 techs & 1 monitor tech. S...
  5. Nursing Informatics

    Can you help me which one should I take? Nursing Informatics or Health Informatics. I don't know what health informatics means. I think that is different from Health Care Informatics? Are they interchangeable? Thanks
  6. Nursing Informatics

    I am confused about Nursing Informatics and Health Informatics. I inquired to different universities offering health informatics and one person told me that it is different and more broader than nursing informatics. please enlighten me with this. Ano...
  7. Nursing Informatics

    Hi. I got two degrees, which are BS Computer Science and BS in Nursing. I have 3 years experience, 2 years in ICU and 1 year in Telemetry and I also wanted to take Nursing Informatics as my advanced degree. Do you know any good school in Baltimore fo...
  8. Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    i applied for CES before and never declared it. and never mentioned that I passed the NLE. Dont you think it's okay?
  9. Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    Question to all. Any help is appreciated. I attended a nursing school in the Philippines and an RN there. Currently, I am in US and taken my NCLEX here and passed it, too. I am now applying for Visa Screen Certificate from CGFNS and they are requirin...

    do you know where i can get just the saunders nclex-rn cd? i bought this book but found out that it has no cd. if any of you has it i will buy it from you. i prefer the 4th edition cd-rom practice exams. thanks
  11. Saunders Comprehensive Review (NCLEX-RN)

    Hi I already have the 3rd edition book and i wanna purchase the 4th edition CD-ROM only. does anyone know where I can get the cd alone? Thanks. :)
  12. Good Morning! Hi! I need your help. I am about to endorse my CA license to MD and the 2 requirement is my hard copy license and my English proficiency exam result to be fowarded directly from the authority where I took the exam to be sent to MD state...
  13. How to get Maryland Licensure, moving to MD

    hi! I'm a licensed nurse in California (originally from the philippines). I want to know if CES (credentials evaluation service) from CGFNS is a requirement before I can endorse my Ca LICENSE? And if yes, what type of CES report? The MD BON is very s...
  14. question about endorsement to Maryland

    i am asking if CES is needed in maryland. i have my SSN and i have my license from CA already.
  15. Hi I am licensed in California and I want to endorse my license to maryland. Does CES (Credentials Evaluation Service) from CGFNS is a requirement to MD BON before I can endorse? can't I just use my CGFNS certificate for that? Thanks.