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  1. pandaboi

    Plan to transfer from tele to er

    Hi to all! I have been working for Tele/Progressive Care Unit for 16 months now and I am actually tired of my patients demands of graham crackers and juice, pain meds, and they usually feel that they are in a hotel, plus we have a 6 ratio patients to 1 nurse. Sometimes we do primary care nursing due to lack of techs and most of the time our patients are bedbound, our nurses are being cancelled every other night because of low census even we don't have any vacation hours to use in the first place, and our manager is not effective. Now, there is a vacancy at the ER with 4 patients max. and I feel like transferring but I do not what to expect because they are the front liners of all patient. Any comment?
  2. pandaboi

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    Hi, 1. You need to ask the IDPFR if it is okay with them to just ask a letter of passing from CA be submitted to them and explain your situation why you can't get a SSN at this time. It is up to them. Like Vermont State Board of Nursing - they accept a letter of passing that must be sent directly from the CA BON if you are going to endorse a CA license without a SSN. 2. Visa Screen and CES report from CGFNS are two different entities with different people evaluating them when you apply to them. I applied for a CES & Visa Screen certification recently and all BON are strict about their requirements about Visa Screen (this is a federal document) unlike the CES. To summarize, it is best to contact the BON State that you wish to endorsed your licensed to clear up things. I hope this helps. Best of Luck!
  3. On the other hand, I was excited because it will be very challenging for me, I guess. I remember when I was still doing my review studies for the NCLEX and there is a topic about Transcultural Nursing and every time I read my book I always associate each of my friends as an Arabic, Asian, African- American, Native Americans, etc. so I won't forget their beliefs in relation to caring. Surprisingly, it helped me remember them! On my first day working on the floor as a Telemetry nurse, I was shy to speak in English because I might say something in different ways. It always happens to me especially when I use the letters "P" and "F" or letters "B" and "V" or "S" and "Z". I always pronounce them interchangeably and I am very careful in saying a word with these letters. That's why to avoid mistakes I talk less and put a little bit of action. I will talk when needed and necessary. To tell you the truth I am having a hard time understanding the African-American's accent. I really do. Most of the time I do not understand them when they speak to me so I always ask them a second time to say it again for me to absorb what they are saying. There are a lot of adjustments not only to me but also for them understanding my accent. To work on it, what I did was I asked an Africa-American Phlebotomist friend of mine to teach me their accent so I can apply it to my patients. And every time she does her blood draws every 5 am in the morning I will see her and talk to her like a black person, with her accent, with the moves, gestures, and facial expressions. I know it's funny but I need to do it for the sake of understanding. One night, I had to take care of my two patients who don't speak English but can understand limited words like "Yes", "No", "Okay", and "Thank You". I was very overwhelmed in explaining things to them because that night put me to the test of my expertise in mimicking how a person talks. My hospital doesn't have a formal translator and we mostly rely on our patients family or relatives who know how to speak English and do the translation for us and for the patient. It forced me to do my own research on the internet about word translations like the basic words in caring "Medicine", "Pain", "Food", & "Sleep", etc. I had a patient from Pakistan who speaks Urdo (National Language of Pakistan) but can understand "Yes" or "No" words and a Greek who only speaks the Greek language. Here comes my less talk with a little bit of action policy on the track. I talked to them in simple words. Instead of asking "Have you eaten already"? I will ask them "Eat"? (with some re-enactment of me holding the spoon and fork and trying to eat. And surprisingly they will answer back by saying the word "Yes". It was a good sign that communication is becoming effective. And if its time to give their medicine I will simply tell them the term medicine in their own language as part of my research and luckily they do understand. It is not hard, you just have to do some effort in order to convey the information you want your patients to know. I know there are risks in doing such things but whats left me is my own personal resources and I will be using these techniques because it helps me carry out my tasks with my patients who require special communication needs.
  4. pandaboi

    letter to manager appropriate, regarding transfer?

    I work in a telemetry unit ratio of 6 patients to 1 nurse ratio. And I am planning to be transferred to the ER department. I got friends there who told me that they are busy but steady. My current unit has 1 secretary, 2 techs & 1 monitor tech. Sometimes when our techs calls out whe need to do primary care nursing and we almost have lots of 3 acuities level of care such as bedbound patient, incontinent, bedsores and the like. Many times of going to work before sitting in the chair my charge will tell me that I will get a new pt from ER and I haven't got any reports yet from the ER and I will get another one. I tried asking why? And the charge will just tell me "welcome to cardiac unit"? which I think very unreasonable. And what adds to my worries is my health being compromise because of too much load to handle. I am a hardworking person but I just can't handle too much. So I am just waiting for my 1st year and trying to be patient as much as I can. I already talked to the ER manager but she told me that they don't have any vacancies but for sure that they will in the near future and she mentioned that I need to let my manager know of my intent of transfer. My dilemma is the same thing. I don't think I have the guts to tell my manager of my plans. I need opinions of anybody regarding my plans. I don't wanna live a life where I hate going to work. I wanna enjoy it. I don't wanna be stressed with my tech, too and demands of my patients in bedside caring. Please email me. I need your expertise in decision making! :)
  5. pandaboi

    filipino nurses in MD

    I am a filipino, too. I am looking for an apartment in baltimore. can you help me? thank you
  6. Good Morning! Hi! I need your help. I am about to endorse my CA license to MD and the 2 requirement is my hard copy license and my English proficiency exam result to be fowarded directly from the authority where I took the exam to be sent to MD state board of Nursing. My question is do you know the regulations on period of validity of English exam in MD state board? Because my english exam will expire soon. I took the IELTS and it is valid for 2 years only. I read that some organization have their own regulations on the validity. I don't want to take the exam anymore because it will cost me money again. please help. Thank you for your time.
  7. pandaboi

    How to get Maryland Licensure, moving to MD

    hi! I'm a licensed nurse in California (originally from the philippines). I want to know if CES (credentials evaluation service) from CGFNS is a requirement before I can endorse my Ca LICENSE? And if yes, what type of CES report? The MD BON is very slow and very bad customer service. pls help. I want no delays. Thank you
  8. pandaboi

    filipino nurses in MD

    Hi any filipino nurses in MD?
  9. pandaboi

    question about endorsement to Maryland

    i am asking if CES is needed in maryland. i have my SSN and i have my license from CA already.
  10. Hi I am licensed in California and I want to endorse my license to maryland. Does CES (Credentials Evaluation Service) from CGFNS is a requirement to MD BON before I can endorse? can't I just use my CGFNS certificate for that? Thanks.
  11. Hi Can anybody help me find cheap, nice, safe place to stay in Baltimore near Mercy medical center. Thank you.
  12. pandaboi

    endorsement to Maryland

    Thank you. Does MD requires Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) from CGFNS?
  13. pandaboi

    endorsement to Maryland

    Hi. after receiving my license from CA, how do I go through the process of endorsing it to the MD state board of nursing? How long will it take before they will release a temporary license and the permanent license? Thank you

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