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surehands2's Latest Activity

  1. Do you need any clinical exp to get accepted into these programs?
  2. surehands2

    Anyone attending Adelphi? LI or Manhttan

    what do you want to know..i go to adelphi
  3. surehands2

    Waiting to hear from recruiter

    yeah im waiting to get some paper work done still waiting for my healthcare recuiter to get back to me i think they are on vacation
  4. surehands2

    Waiting to hear from recruiter

    My recuiter called my last week...however he hasnt returned any of my emails or phone calls..is it possible he is on vacation for 30 days?
  5. surehands2

    Army Amedd

    i have 2 tattoos one from my right elbow to my right wrist all the way around.. and on my left elbow half way down to my left wrist...How do you like the army nurse corps I am excited for it..
  6. surehands2

    Army Amedd

    I am looking to join. Does anyone know the tattoo policy for the army amedd? I hear the army is more relaxed with tattoo's than the navy or AF
  7. surehands2

    Air Force Nurse Rank????

    So, Basically the highest a nurse can go in ranking is an O-3? and how to earn you promotions in the air force as a nurse
  8. surehands2

    Already took pre-reqs which equals extra classes for Adelphi?

    If you have all your pre reqs done it will take 5 semesters..i currently attend..and they told us this is most likley the last year of summer clinicals..so it will take about 2.5 years to get your BSN
  9. dont you mean ladies and gentlemen?
  10. I concur Adelphi IS GREAT!!!!
  11. surehands2

    Not Working During Nursing School ok??

    I concur.
  12. surehands2

    Molloy or Adelphi??

    I attend Adelphi in GC and its great
  13. surehands2

    what shoes do you wear...

    Cssantos i had to get mine from China to get the all white, where did you get yours from?
  14. I attend the Garden City campus so i couldnt be much of a help with the manhattan campus however the professors are great at garden city
  15. surehands2

    Acceptance Letter from Molloy?

    i was accepted for jan 08 and it was very quick i applied and within 2 weeks they accepted me......however i declined to attend....
  16. are you already an RN? i currently attend adelphi for my BSN i like it so far i dont start clinicals till janurary though........