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I am looking to join. Does anyone know the tattoo policy for the army amedd? I hear the army is more relaxed with tattoo's than the navy or AF


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nothing gang related, offensive........... anything showing above neck line or below sleeveline of uniform ( acu's, asu's) require waiver.

I have several tat's. only one I required waiver for was one on my neck.


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i have 2 tattoos one from my right elbow to my right wrist all the way around.. and on my left elbow half way down to my left wrist...How do you like the army nurse corps I am excited for it..

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Hello Surehands:

The old Army Regs were that you couldn't have more than 7 tattoos...But as ArRNmy stated as long as the tats aren't racist or "hateful in nature" and as long as your sleeve tat can be covered with with either your ACU or Class A sleeve you are good to go.

When you go through MEPS you will be asked to list your tattoos and where they are on your body....No biggie.



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i have a full sleeve and multiple others and im signing commission papers tomorrow. i was unable to go navy or air force though due to stricter policies.

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